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The optimistic city of Maharashtra is known for the IT world and automobile industries. Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra with more than 3.99 million population. It holds vivid cultural importance in Maharashtra. If you live in Pune you would observe the beauty of the weather, which remains mild in all the seasons. On rainy days, Pune has its brightness, which invites massive tourists.

In the natural and beautiful city of Pune, car insurance is a major aspect that plays its role. Car Insurance in Pune is important for the safety of citizens. For the safety of Pune, the Government of India has mandatorily legalised the insurance of every vehicle.


Road Side Assistance
Third party damage cover
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SGI has bought different types of insurance plans. Plans for fresh cars, used cars, or the owners who are interested in own damage policy. Take a look at the plans SGI offers: -

Types of Car Insurance In Pune Policy Offered By Shriram General Insurance

Bundle Policy 

A perfect plan for a recent purchase or planning to purchase a car. Because this plan offers one year of own damage protection following three years of third-party insurance and personal accident insurance. The insurer will compensate you for one year in case of natural or man-made calamity and three years of reimbursement in case of third-party liability or personal accident. 

Package Policy 

Complete package that serves all the cars insurance in Pune. One year of third-party following own damage and personal accident insurance. Under this policy, all used cars can be insured and will be safeguarded against third party insurance, own damage and personal accident insurance. 

Own Damage Policy 

The policy will protect all the cars insured in Pune against natural and man-made disasters. As we all know that Pune comes in disaster-prone areas (flood-prone). The safety of the cars in Pune is vulnerable, the SGI gives you a confirmation to reimburse for the damages that have occurred by the calamities.  


emergency transport and hotel expenses cover
key replacement
key replacement
multicar rebate
Zero Depth cover
car insurance daily reimbursement
Return to invoice
Personal belonging cover

The Benefits of Car Insurance in Pune with ShriramGI – -

Before insuring a car in Pune, one must figure out key features of the insurance company that are in your favor. SGI has salient key features that will be beneficial for you in the long and short terms. The features will be beneficial in long term as in the claim process and if we will talk about the short term, the offered premiums are so lubricant to opt for car insurance in Pune.Let’s have a look at some of the salient: -

Claim Settlement Ratio 

SGI is counted among the topmost companies when it comes to the claim ratio. The claim ratio is one of the characteristics that show the claim settlement against the applied claim. As per this ratio, the applied claim for the car insured in Pune will get a fast and easy settlement. 

Online Insurance 

Online insurance is one of the ways that saves your time and money. Online insurance eliminates the possibilities of visiting locations, branch offices, manipulated information, and many more. And also, the money you pay for the policy is safely undertaken by the insurance company.

100% Call Assistance 

We as human beings always have some queries, in such cases, we are in search of an expert to resolve them. SGI has set up a dedicated team that always works for the queries of our customers. The team also supports filing a claim. 

Cashless Garages 

For the repair of the damaged car in Pune, SGI has built a strong network of garages where the insured car will get cashless repair and replacement. The Car insurance in Pune has become so flexible whereby you will have tremendous benefits. Your vehicle becomes the insurer’s liability for repair or to compensate for damages. 

Renewal Process 

We all are engaged in our daily activities and this chaotic lifestyle, it is quite possible to forget to renew car insurance. But did you know the consequences of forgetting a car insurance policy? One who doesn’t have a valid car insurance policy can be heavily fined by the officials. Here comes the SGI teamwork, a massage, mail or call will be received by you for the renewal of Car insurance in Pune. 


By paying some extra premium you can get extra elements that enhance the wording of car insurance in Pune. The add-ons offer extra attributes to the existing insurance policies. Some of the add-ons are: - 

  • Nil-depreciation
  • Daily reimbursement 
  • Return to invoice 
  • Hotel expenses 
  • Multi-car benefits
  • Personal belonging
  • Key replacement
  • Engine protection 
  • Consumables 

Roadside assistance 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car insurance in Pune is mandatory by the government of India, it helps to protect you from various perils and assure your car safety. Situations that damage or impact your car are covered by the insurance policy. An insurance company simply transfers the risk from you to them.
The modifications that are made to your car are normal if it is registered to your RC and informed to the insurer. The insurer will add an endorsement form and confirm your modification. If you ignore informing the insurer about the modification, the insurer will not be responsible for the damages and repair of the modification.
The car insured in Pune by a third party is not safe from theft, floods, cyclones and natural and man-made perils. The third-party insurance only provides you protection against liability from the third party. Numerous perils can bring devastating results to cars..
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Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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