Cashless Garages Near You: A Hassle-Free Vehicle Repair Experience

Cashless garages are vehicle repair facilities where you can avail of services without making upfront payments. Instead, Shriram General Insurance directly settles the repair bill for the garage, reducing your financial burden and allowing you to experience seamless transactions.

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Save up to 85%* on your Car Insurance.

Save up to 85%* on your Car Insurance

What is a Cashless Garage?

Cashless garages are vehicle repair facilities where you can avail of services without making upfront payments. Instead, Shriram General Insurance directly settles the repair bill for the garage, reducing your financial burden and allowing you to experience seamless transactions.

Repair centres that have teamed up with Shriram General Insurance to speed up the claims settlement process are known as network garages or cashless garages. You can decide to have repairs made at a cashless garage within the Shriram General Insurance’s network garages when your insured vehicle is involved in an accident or damage.

What is a Cashless Garage

Key Benefits of Choosing a Cashless Garage Within Our Network for Vehicle Repairs

Opting for a cashless garage within our network has several advantages for vehicle owners. Here are some of the pros of cashless garages.


Since the insurer and the garage handle the settlement directly, the repair process is expedited, allowing you to get back on the road sooner.

Quality Repairs

Network garages are approved by the insurer, ensuring that your vehicle receives high-quality repairs from skilled mechanics.

Cash Savings

By opting for cashless repairs, you avoid the immediate financial burden and can utilise your funds for other essential expenses.

Transparent Process

The entire cashless claim settlement process is transparent, with no hidden costs or unexpected surprises.


Cashless garages offer a hassle-free process, saving you from the trouble of paying out of your pocket and seeking reimbursement later.

How Do Cashless Garages Work?

You can choose to use cashless repairs at a network garage when your car is damaged due to an accident or other event, and the cost of the repairs is covered by your insurance policy. Here is how a typical cashless garage work.


Tie-up with the insurer

The garage collaborates with the insurer (Shriram General Insurance) to become a cashless facility for the insurer’s policyholders.


Accident or Repair

When the insured vehicle is met with an accident or requires repairs, you can choose to take it to the cashless garage.


Inspection and Approval

The garage’s technicians inspect the damages to the vehicle and provide an estimate to Shriram General Insurance. Once the insurer approves the claim, the cashless garage begins the repair process.


Direct Settlement

Instead of you paying for the repairs made in the garage, Shriram General Insurance shall pay the repair bill directly to the cashless garage based on the terms and conditions of the policy.


Customer Payment

You may have to pay the deductible or any excess, as per the terms and conditions of the policy, directly to the cashless garage.

How to Make a Cashless Insurance Claim at a Network Garage?

The process of making a cashless insurance claim at a network garage involves a few simple steps:

Inform the Insurer

Inform us about the incident and register the claim. We will guide you through the next steps.

Choose a Network Garage

Select a cashless garage from the list of network garages.

Submit Required Documents

Provide the necessary documents, such as your insurance policy details, vehicle registration certificate, and a copy of your driving licence.

Vehicle Inspection

Our surveyor will inspect your vehicle at the cashless garage to assess the damage and estimate the repair cost.

Authorization and Repairs

Once the surveyor approves the repairs, the garage will proceed with the work. The settlement of the repair bill is made directly between Shriram General Insurance and the network garage except for deductible and excess that you have to pay directly to the cashless garage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the steps to raise online claim against your Shriram car insurance.

Are all motor insurance policies eligible for cashless claim settlement?


Yes, you can take advantage of cashless garages through the comprehensive insurance policy.

Is there any difference in the repair quality between cashless garages and non-network garages?


Our recognised network of cashless garages ensure they adhere to strict quality requirements. While non-network garages may provide equally good services, choosing a cashless garage offers an extra measure of security.

Is it mandatory to choose a cashless garage for repairs under an insurance claim?


No, it is not mandatory to choose a cashless garage for repairs. Although you are free to select any garage for maintenance, going with a cashless garage might help things go more smoothly and conveniently.

What if the repair costs exceed the coverage limit of my insurance policy?


You'll be liable for the excess amount if the repair expenses exceed the coverage limit.

Cashless Claim Settlement Versus Reimbursement Claim Settlement – Which is Better?

The choice between cashless claim settlement and reimbursement claim settlement depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Here's a comparison to help you decide.

Cashless Claim Settlement Reimbursement Claim Settlement
Ideal for those who prefer a convenient and expedited repair process without upfront payments. Suitable for policyholders who have the financial capacity to pay for repairs upfront and can wait for reimbursement.
Shriram General Insurance has a vast network of quality cashless garages in your area. It may be preferred if the repair facility of your choice is not in the insurer's network.

* Ultimately, the decision should be based on your specific needs and comfort level with managing expenses upfront.

How Cashless Garages Will Make Claim Settlement Process Hassle-Free?

How Cashless Garages Will Make Claim
Settlement Process Hassle-Free?

  • The traditional reimbursement claim settlement process could be time-consuming and tedious, requiring you to arrange for an upfront payment and submit various documents for reimbursement.
  • In contrast, cashless garages streamline the entire claim settlement process, eliminating the need for you to pay upfront. We take care of the payment directly with the garage, making the experience smooth and hassle-free.

What Are the Expenses That Customers
Are Responsible for in a Cashless Claim?

  • While Shriram General Insurance takes care of the major repair costs covered under your insurance policy, there are certain expenses for which you may be responsible. These may include the policy deductible or excess amount and any repairs that fall outside the scope of your insurance coverage.

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