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Why become a part of Shriram General Insurance?

Shriram General Insurance Company is one of the country's largest general insurance companies. As a Shriram Agent, you will work directly with us with nil brokerage process. Shriram General Insurance Company will give you access to a wide range of products such as Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motor Insurance and so on. This will provide an agent with a vast selection of products to sell. Being a digitalised general insurance company, an agent can handle the application process without tedious paperwork. As a team, we ensure that our POSPs are not placed in a queue. Upon successful policy sale, the insurance commission charges will be credited to the agent's account within a short period of time


Who is an Insurance Agent?

A person who works for an insurance company and sells insurance policies on their behalf is called an agent. As an insurance agent can sell general insurance products, which include insurance for cars, health, travel and businesses. An agent can help a customer choose the right insurance product depending on their requirements


Who is a POS (Point of Sale)?

POSP stands for "Point of Salesperson". This is the name of an insurance agent who can sell certain insurance products. To become a POSP, all you have to do is meet the minimum education requirements set by the IRDAI and go through the training provided by the Shriram General Insurance Company

Advantages of being an Agent

There are many financial, social and personal advantages of working as Shriram General Insurance Company agents

Become your own boss

  • Individuals can set their own hours and devise ways to get clients and nurture them. The more time and resources an agent puts in, the more returns they can expect to get back

Work from home

  • Shriram General Insurance Company agents do have flexible working hours and can comfortably choose their work locations at their convenience for better productivity

Earn high income

  • The insurance market has immense untapped earning potential and it is only limited by your ambition. As an insurance agent, there is always an opportunity to make more earnings with a little additional work

Zero investment required

  • Only time and effort are required as a minimum investment. Just with a computer, smartphone and a good internet connection you are set to start your passive earnings. There is a higher chance of financial returns with minimal office setup

Make a Difference in People's Lives

  • Insurance is the financial tool that safeguards families and businesses from getting stuck against various losses. You have a unique opportunity to improve people's lives by being a part of the insurance industry

Say Good-Bye to Paper

  • The days of arriving at client meetings with armloads of brochures and policy paperwork are long gone. A modern insurance agent only needs to carry a laptop or tablet to demonstrate the insurance products to complete the necessary paperwork for clients

Who can become a Agent?

An individual or professional of at least 18 years of age and a desire to create a passive income can become a Shriram General Insurance Agent. The documents required include a PAN card, an Aadhaar card along with a valid 10th grade certificate. Being an agent of Shriram General Insurance has many benefits, including zero or minimum business setup, no college degree required, permanent work from home and so on.


College Students

Being an insurance sales agent is one of the most secure and steady ways to make money. You will be able to easily earn pocket money as a college student


Home makers

This position could be ideal if you are a stay-at-home mom with leisure time. Earn the benefits of becoming a Shriram Insurance Agent by selling any of our insurance products



Working as an insurance agent could be a second career if you are retired and still perceive earning your passive income. The desired career is possible with Shriram General Insurance


Business person

If you are a business owner searching for extra sources of dependable income, consider becoming an insurance sales representative for Shriram General Insurance. You can work with us forever

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is POSP?

A Point Of Sales Person (POSP) is an individual regulated by IRDA who can represent an Insurance Company or an Insurance Intermediary.

Who can become a POSP?

Anyone willing to make money independently above the age of 18 with a minimum qualification of Secondary exam! Yes, it’s that simple.
In case you do not meet the qualification criteria you can refer someone from the family or friend to become a POS with us.

Is this a Multilevel Marketing platform?

No, this is not an MLM platform. POSPs are regulated by IRDA Guidelines.

What is the enrollment process?

The following documents are to be uploaded in the website for the processing of enrollment, They are :

IRDA-POSP form, Copy Of Pan card, Education proof (Min 10th), Passport Size Photograph, MSME Declaration Form(if not registered), GST Declaration(if not registered)

After completion of the above documentation, a training of 15 hours will be arranged online. An Admit card will be issued after successful completion of Training. A Training completion certificate(TCC) will be arranged by us. Model Syllabus of POSP is already mentioned in IRDA website. Further to that, an enrolment letter for POSP along with written agreement for POSP specifying terms and conditions as per IRDA rules will be generated. The information on enrolled POSP will be updated on IIB portal on daily basis. Don’t worry, the process will be taken care seamlessly by our team!

In case you do not have a pan card, you can refer someone from the family and friend to become a POS with us. Alternatively you can apply for a pan card by following the below mentioned link.

Does it require any investment?

A smartphone with internet connectivity and your time! And You are good to go..!

Is this a permanent employment?

Here, you are your own boss! Work from Home, Work Part-Time, Work Full Time…choice is yours! As a POSP you can sell various pre-underwritten products which will ensure an Unlimited and round the clock earning.

Can I have the POSP agent code with various insurers?

One individual can only have one POSP code

Can I have a POSP code along with my existing profession?

Yes. Absolutely! Invest time as per your convenience.

How do I sell? Who could be my customer?

Almost everyone has a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and Third Party insurance of vehicle is mandatory as per Law. So Practically everyone can become your customer! You just have to analyze the opportunities.

How do I receive my commission?

As an agent your bank account will be linked with us. Your commission will be deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis

How do I get my queries resolved? What do I do in case of a claim?

Don’t Worry! For any of your queries, just dial 1800-300-30000 or 1800-103-3009 (Toll-Free) and our customer support executives will be with you. If a claim is registered, it can be resolved via the website, mobile app or customer help desk! We understand the needs of the hour and claims servicing has always been our top priority

What our customers say ?


Divyansh says,

Shriram General Insurance is the best travel insurance and i can confidently recommend.Truly the best online travel insurance site in India. Thanks to Shriram General Insurance !.

Vidit says,

Shriram General Insurance has a very encouraging overseas travel insurance program for us. Overall it's very nice

Malik says,

I had some doubts when reading the terms and conditions of my travel insurance. I called the Shriram General Insurance helpline and they cleared up most of my doubts.

Prakash says,

SGI Health Insurance currently administers my health insurance policy. I still have a bonus and there hasn't been a claim. This insurance covers all hospitals for cashless payments. Customer support is excellent.

Apeksha says,

This group health insurance policy, which has a Rs. coverage amount, was obtained from Shriram General Insurance. They have connections with several hospitals and also offer cashless medical care.

Ashwin says,

“I am satisfied with Health insurance claim service” Got my Health  insurance policy claim. Thanks a lot for quick response. Great customer satisfaction policy

Chiranjeev says,

My Commercial Vehicle Insurance is the best. These are very good, helpful and wonderful people. I am pleased to join Shriram General Insurance commercial vehicle insurance plan.

Purushottam says,

For commercial vehicle insurance, I can suggest Shriram General Insurance with confidence. I'm relieved that my vehicle is now protected and secure, I appreciate Shriram General Insurance!

Santram says,

Shriram General Insurance provides me with a commercial vehicle insurance policy that fully protects the vehicle for a comparatively small outlay of money. Excellent customer satisfaction policy, I'm pleased!

Amritlal says,

After taking into account all other plans available, I decided to go with Shriram General Insurance for my personal insurance policy. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my claim and the amount of time and accuracy put into it.

Meghna says,

Taken the personal insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance company around 5 years ago. My colleague is suggested me to take the policy from here. The claim ratio is more compared to others. This was taken for my family benefits and customer service is good. Thank you SGI!!

Mohan says,

Five years ago, I chose to invest in a personal insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance Company after being recommended by a colleague. They had one of the best claim ratios and the customer service is great. Taking out this policy has benefited my family immensely and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Shriram General Insurance for their excellent services.

Akanksha says,

I recently took out a home insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance and it covers me if there is any destruction to my property due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. I am very pleased with their customer service and quick response times. This gives me peace of mind knowing that I have this policy in place.

Raveena says,

After consulting with many people, I chose to purchase my home insurance from Shriram General Insurance. The experience was quite pleasing & I am glad that I went with them as their policy has proven to be very satisfactory.

Tejas says,

Securing my future by taking home insurance from Shriram General Insurance was a great decision. Not only did I get protection from natural and man-made calamities, but the service provided was also excellent.

Shubham says,

The add-on covers on my policy were extremely helpful. I got my claim easily and also reserved my NCB.And Shriram has made it so easy to renew any policy online without any tussle, trouble.thank you Shriram General Insurance!

Amandeep says,

Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd is a trustworthy partner to me. They have a sincere and genuine approach towards settling claims, which I highly appreciate and value. They made it easier for me to manage through the tough times.

Satyaprakash says,

Shriram General Insurance truly stands out with the great service they provide – claims are processed quickly and effortlessly. I am very appreciative of their support! The quick and stress-free claim process made life easier for me during a trying time.

Shakeel says,

Shriram General Insurance really offer affordable two wheeler insurance premium. When my bike was damaged in an accident, I was stressed out but their two wheeler insurance executive took care of the situation quickly & efficiently. Thanks to Shriram General Insurance!

Samantha says,

I recently got a two-wheeler insurance policy from Shriram General Insurance and had a great experience. The website was incredibly user-friendly and all the relevant information was easily accessible. I'm glad my two-wheeler is safe and secure now - thank you Shriram General Insurance!

Vandana says,

My friend working for Shriram General Insurance suggested I take out a two-wheeler insurance policy from them. I've been renewing it before its expiry ever since and have been pleased with the service.I recently visited their branch and decided to renew my policy with them. The reason I chose them was because they provide first-party insurance with utmost claim amounts, plus this policy includes bumper to bumper coverage.

Chetan says,

I was thoroughly satisfied with my decision to get car insurance from Shriram General Insurance. Not only did I find their rates quite reasonable, but the policy coverage was also adequate. I am especially impressed with how efficiently and smoothly they handled my claims.

Ankit says,

I can confidently recommend Shriram General Insurance for car insurance as I have been a loyal customer for the last 5 years. Their claims process is very efficient and they respond swiftly to their customers in comparison to the other providers.

Rahul says,

I recently switched to Shriram General Insurance for my car insurance and I'm glad I did. The customer service is great, and the policy was issued instantly. I am Very impressed with their services!
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