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Mumbai is the city of dreams for every individual who wants to create their own identity in the field of glamour. People from all over the country eventually want to join Mumbai’s, crowd. Because the city is known for its huge entertainment space and financial epicenter. The only things that bother people are the traffic and crowd which is being tackled by commoners every day. In Mumbai, most people used to travel in their private mode of transport than the public one. And, to drive on Indian roads every individual needs to have car insurance in Mumbai. It ensures security for the owner-driver.

Why should you buy ShriramGI car insurance in Mumbai -

Car insurance in Mumbai protects the driver owner and the vehicle from third parties and property from uncertain situations and risks. At all times it is essential to have active and running car insurance in Mumbai. Hence, the type of benefits depends on the insurer you buy a policy from and ShriramGI proves to be worth it. One of the most sustained insurance companies in India with various insurance products. Here you will get affordable and attractive car insurance policies. 


Road Side Assistance
Third party damage cover
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unnamed passanger cover

The options for add-ons-

ShriramGI provides various add-on options with car insurance in Mumbai to ensure extra safety for your car.

These covers include:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover
  • Return to Invoice Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover (for the owner-driver)
  • Nil depreciation
  • Daily Reimbursement
  • Key Replacement Cover
  • Engine Protector Cover, and more


Comprehensive coverage: You get the full package with an affordable and customizable car insurance policy. Comprehensive is highly recommended because it covers both own damage and third-party liability. 


Better claim settlement ratio: The claim settlement process and frequency are quite counting. They believe in providing the finest services to the customers in the name of the easy settlement of the claim.


emergency transport and hotel expenses cover
key replacement
key replacement
multicar rebate
Zero Depth cover
car insurance daily reimbursement
Return to invoice
Personal belonging cover

The problem faced by the car drivers in Mumbai – -

The crowded city: With 510 private cars/kilometer, Mumbai officially has become the most car congested city. This is the reason it is difficult to manage traffic which eventually leads to uncertain events and accidents. Hence it is important to buy car insurance in Mumbai. 

Reckless driving: In 2018, Mumbai police collected nearly 139 crore fines for violation of traffic rules. There were about 77,455 cases of drunk driving from 2015 to 2019. Though suspension of driving license is only 14% for rough driving. 

Heavy rain is the problem: Mumbai is a flood-prone city which makes the driver's life even miserable. Water logging is the biggest concern during rainy days and becomes difficult to commute. Due to all these difficulties, the hydro lock is the common damage that can be seen in the car. The rising water level can damage the electronic control systems of your car. These reasons are enough to buy car insurance in Mumbai.

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How does ShriramGI help you buy car insurance in Mumbai?

Provide suitable policies: Third-party liability insurance cover is there to protect you from the financial burden of damaging third party vehicles and property due to your car. Whereas, comprehensive insurance cover is there to save you for your own damage and third party liability too. 

Protect you from fines: To drive legally on the roads of India, third party car insurance is mandatory to have. If someone is not having car insurance in Mumbai they have to pay fines upto Rs. 2000 and/or imprisonment for about 3 months. 

Add-ons you need: With car insurance in Mumbai, you can have multiple add-on covers to get extra protection. Add-ons such as Daily expense reimbursement, Return to Invoice, Repair of Glass, Fiber, Plastic & Rubber Parts, Personal belongings, Engine Protector Cover, roadside assistance, and more. These add-ons are going to help your car suffer from any damage due to water ingression in heavy rainfall. 

Better claim process: You will be getting a hassle-free claim process when buying car insurance in Mumbai. ShriramGI believes in providing smooth services to its customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car insurance in Mumbai provides maximum benefits at an affordable premium price. Third-party liability and comprehensive are the best insurance cover one should buy.
In cashless claim settlement, you don't have to pay the bill as your insurer will settle with the damage.
There are several factors that depend on the premium of the car insurance such as the market value of the car, engine capacity and age, the type of policy you want, the number of add-ons, and more.
Car insurance is needed to save you from uncertain events that may lead to loss and damage you don't want.
It is very important to buy car insurance in Mumbai to maintain legality in Indian territory and protect yourself from unpleasant incidents.
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