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All the seekers and tourists can perfectly spend their time in the city of Indore. The city is full of heritage and cultural destinations. Indore is not only a place where tourists visit but it is the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. It is known for the parks and for IT parks which invite huge job seekers. Almost every year, many IT companies and many other start-ups flourish. Hence Indore is one of the most important cities in the state.

The rich culture and connectivity with one of the 12 joytring linga “mahakal” (Ujjain) promote tourism in the city. But the city is so designed, that it can manage all the bustling lifestyles of the citizens.

The importance of Car Insurance in Indore

The people of Indore must have car insurance in Indore, as the population of Indore is 3,208,722 and counting. And the city invites thousands of job seekers and tourists. This much of the population generally creates chaos resulting in different types of issues. All the situations may result in unpleasant events. Car insurance in Indore will provide you with a guarantee from an unpleasant event and help you at the time most required.

The car insurance in Indore provides the safety of the driver, vehicle and third party. Under the insurance policy, the insurer offers three types of insurance policies. The third-party liability insurance policy offers the damages that occurred to the third party from the insured vehicle, Own damages from natural and man-made calamity and personal accident insurance which covers the accident of death or injuries of the driver. Hence, an insurance policy is a perfect solution for the rider from unwanted perils.


Road Side Assistance
Third party damage cover
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unnamed passanger cover

Advantages of Car Insurance in Indore from Shriram General Insurance

ShriramGI has bought several modifications that suit the customers' needs. If you are looking for car insurance in Indore the SGI will provide you a suitable and affordable policy as per your requirement. Having an insurance policy with SGI has benefits that we are going to discuss below.

Easy and Fast Claim Settlement

For the customer looking for an insurance company with a good claim settlement ratio, then SGI is one of the foremost and most suitable examples that can be opted for. SGI provides one of the fast and easy processes for the claim settlement so that the customer gets the full benefit.

Online Insurance for the City of Indore

In the busy schedule, why waste the time visiting the agents or branch offices. SGI has bought an online insurance platform where car insurance for Indore has become more easy, fast and time convenient.

24x7 Support

A customer support team is always there to assist. As the problem doesn’t have any specific time to come. Therefore, the SGI team works round the clock with every day on the calendar. Also, in order to register for the claim, the customer can contact the support team.

Cashless Garage Network

Looking for a hassle-free with a fast and easy repair of your accidental car? SGI has managed more than 2000 garages that provide fast and easy claim settlement with cashless services.

Renewal Process

An SMS, Email or call will be delivered to the customer’s number before the policy gets terminated. A team is always dedicated to work and notifies the customer before it’s too late. As it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a proper insurance policy. Car insurance in Indore has become more helpful with this feature.

Enjoy a Hassle and Stress-free Life

Car insurance in Indore provides you with a hassle-free and enjoyable drive. The risks of third-party liability, personal accident or damages to the insured vehicle are transferred to the insurer. Hence, this will provide you with a free drive.


emergency transport and hotel expenses cover
key replacement
key replacement
multicar rebate
Zero Depth cover
car insurance daily reimbursement
Return to invoice
Personal belonging cover

Add-ons for Car Insurance in Indore

Additional modification to the car insurance in Indore to intensify the value of the insurance policy. The different types of add-ons for the different demands are offered by the SGI. By paying a little more premium one can choose the add-ons.

Polices offered by SGI for Car Insurance in Indore

In the city of Indore, SGI has come up with different types of policies that support all types of cars. The insurance policy has different types of features that can serve in different ways. Let’s have a look at the policies.

Bundle Policy

A policy that holds 3 years of third-party coverage with personal accident insurance and one year of own damage policy. The is a perfect combination for the newly purchased car. The car insurance in Indore with a bundle policy enjoys safety from all the major types of risks.

Package Policy

One year of third-party liability with one year of the personal accident and own damage policy will give your vehicle safety from unpleasant events. The policy is offered to the customers whose cars are older than usual.

Own Damage Policy

One year of safety from natural and man-made perils under which the insurer will reimburse for the damages incurred on the insured vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Add-ons that are offered by the SGI to the people of Indore are: -
  1. Nil-depreciation
  2. Daily reimbursement
  3. Return to Invoice
  4. Hotel Expenses
  5. Multicar Benefits
  6. Personal Belongings
  7. Key Replacement
  8. Engine Protection
  9. Consumable
  10. Roadside Assistance
  11. Repair of glass, fibre plastic, etc
These add-ons can be opted for by an insured as per the requirement of the customer. To avail them the customer has to pay a litter premium as the insurer and can enjoy the driving.
Yes, it is compulsory to have car insurance in Indore. The government of India passed a Motor Vehicle Act in 1988 under which it is mandatory to opt for a third-party insurance policy for every vehicle. The policy covers liability that damages to third party.
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Car Insurance In Indian Cities


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