Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in Bhopal

The capital of Madhya Pradesh is known for its lakes, museums and many more. Bhopal is one of the greenest capitals of the country. In the last few decades, Bhopal has projected massive transformation in itself. Urban transformation is one of the main sectors that can be observed.

In the growing economy of Bhopal, transportation has played a vital role and BRT has worked as lubrication. But did you know that Madhya Pradesh has ranked 2nd among most accidental states in the country? Per day about 142 accidents are registered in Madhya Pradesh. Accidents are events that change a life. The impact of an accident can be devastating, it gives physical losses, mental losses and financial losses. For pre-arranged safety after an undesirable event, we can opt for an insurance policy. An insurance policy will safeguard you from accidental after comes.

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Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

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Use of Two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal 

Bhopal is the major state that witnesses a huge number of accidents every year. Two-wheelers are one of the most vulnerable to accidents, so two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal becomes essential for everyone. Although, the government of India has been mandated to have an insurance policy by the Motor Vehicle Act. Two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal provides financial and legal assistance after an accident. 

Types of Two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal By Shriram General Insurance 

There are 5 different types of insurance plans that are offered to the people of Bhopal. These plans are specially designed for the people of Bhopal by comprehending the demand and circumstances of the population. Two-wheeler insurance for Bhopal plans are: - 

Bundle Policy 

Five years of third party insurance with personal accident insurance and one year of own damage policy make a proper bundle policy. A bundle policy is the most suitable for the brand newtwo-wheeler in Bhopal. This will provide you with a complete solution after an accident. 

Package Policy

A perfect package policy for the owner who wants two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal. This policy package offers you one year of third-party personal accident insurance and one year of own damage policy. One who is insured his bike with a package policy will be secured with third party liability, personal accident liability and risk of own vehicle damage. The insurance company will reimburse for the losses. 

Standalone Third Party

The policy will cover only third party insurance. This policy will protect the insured vehicle from the liability that has damages that occurred to the third party after an accident. 

Own Damage 

The repair and replacement of the insured vehicle after registered perils are covered under the own damage policy. The Bike insured in Bhopal with own damage will be compensated for natural and man-made calamities. 

Why to Choose SGI for Two-wheeler Insurance in Bhopal

Numerous insurance companies propose insurance in Bhopal, but many genuine reasons prove that bike insurance in Bhopal with Shriram General insurance will be the foremost preference from an insured. Let's see some of the salient features that can provoke you to consider Shriram's general insurance policy: - 

Some benefits after opting for an insurance policy by SGI 

Flawless Claim Process

The claim process is the most important part of an insurance policy. An insured is always in search of a simple and easy claim process, SGI offers a flawless and simple claim process for bike insurance in Bhopal.

Online Insurance 

We understand that two-wheeler insurance in Bhopal sometimes gets hectic due to the visit to offices or meeting an agent. For the solution to this concern, the SGI has bought online insurance. The online insurance process is also simple and safe. 

Call Assistance 

As human beings we all have some queries, some are solved by our known ones but in some cases, we don’t have a solution. For such problems, a team is dedicated to serving you 24x7. The team also helps to register the claim in case of an accident or for any other calamity. 

Network Garage 

It takes time to rectify the money that has been lent for the repair of an accidental vehicle, therefore to avoid a long procedure SGI has registered with more than 2000 garages where your replacement and repair of accidental vehicles are done cashless. This will save your time and money.  


As being Indian we always need something extra. Add-ons are the feature that offers something extra from the existing policy. After expending some extra premium, the add-on can be added to the policy.

  1. Roadside Assistance 
  2. Return to Invoice 
  3. Engine Protection 
  4. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance 
  5. Nil-Depreciation 
  6. Consumable
  7. Daily Expenses Reimbursement
  8. Personal Belonging 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the perils that are covered under own damage policy?

Own damage is the policy that covers natural and man-made perils. The perils that are considered are accidents, theft, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, fire, thunderstorms, etc. these are major risks that are covered in an own damage insurance policy.

Is it compulsory to insure a bike in Bhopal with third party insurance?

Yes, it is mandated for a two-wheeler to insure in Bhopal with third party insurance. The government of India passed a Motor Vehicle Act in 1988. As per this law if a bike is not insured by the policy, then a legal penalty or prison can be imposed on the owner.

What is the process of claiming insurance in Bhopal?

For filing a claim in Bhopal, there are some key points that one should focus on. These are: -

  1.         Take some snaps of the accidental event that can cover the condition of the bike.
  2.         ASAP inform the insurer about the event and ask for the claim number.
  3.         Inform the police about the event and file an FIR if required (in some cases the insurer may ask for a copy of the FIR).
  4.         Take your vehicle to the nearest garage, if possible then take it to the registered garage.

A surveyor will be allotted by the insurer to make confirmation of the claim process. The surveyor will ask for a copy of the documents like the Driving licence, RC of the vehicle, policy copy, FIR copy (if required), etc.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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