Insure your international trip

Plan your international trips with International Travel Insurance

Travelling to a destination outside India is a special experience! It must have taken you months to save for it, plan out your itinerary, get the passport and visa approvals and booked your air tickets. Now that the day of departure is near, make sure that you follow these five simple tips for a hassle-free journey.

  1. Get All the Documents in One Place
    When travelling abroad, it is paramount that you have all the necessary documents such as Visa,Passport, Air Tickets, Insurance Documents and Permissions in one place. Not only does it save your time, it also ensures that you don’t have to face any nasty surprises once the trip is underway. Get a small pack to carry all these documents that can be worn under your clothes, and hence is safe from the sneaky hands of pickpockets.
  2. Keep Copies of Everything
    Once you have all your documents in one place, get them photocopied!  documents getting lost or stolen, is a huge problem for international travellers, so make sure you carry extra copies as a backup!
  3. Make Sure Your Phone Has International Roaming
    Unless you plan to break-free from everything and enjoy your international trip alone, make sure that you get international roaming activated on your mobile number. Or get a local SIM/plan through one of the several vendors that offer such services.
  4. Plan Out Your Cash Expenses
    ATM withdrawals abroad can prove to be a costly affair unless you have an account with a global bank with roaming plans. It is always recommended to carry daily-expense cash with you. In case you need to carry a fairly large amount, get Cashier’s Cheques for added safety.
  5. Travel Insurance
    Foreign trips are a costly affair. They can get a whole lot costlier if you lose your luggage or miss your flight, or fall ill! For a nominal cost, you can get travel insurance online against all this and more.

Travel insurance can offer you protection from missed connecting flights, sudden issues with health, loss of important documents such as passport, and much more! For the best travel insurance, check out Shriram General Insurance’s Travel Insurance plans and pick the one that meets your needs best. Happy travelling!