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27 September,2023


05 July,2024

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visa check online by passport number

Applying for a visa may seem like a hassle. However, if you abide by the relevant regulations defined by countries, you can secure a visa in no time. If you have applied for a visa and want to know the status of your application, you can check your visa status through your passport number. Read on to learn how to check the status of your visa application using your passport number.


Importance of Checking Visa Status

Many nations need every visitor to produce a visa, regardless of the reason for their journey (tourism, business, education, settlement, etc.). Hence, you must familiarize yourself with the procedure to obtain a visa. You may get the latest information on the progress of your visa application status with your passport number. Also, travel insurance is a key requirement for visa issuance. Shriram General Insurance offers travel insurance to ease your worries and help you plan a wonderful trip.


The visa application procedure can be stressful and time-consuming. It takes time for the visa to be accepted once the application has been submitted. As a result, it is crucial that travelers track their applications to prevent unanticipated setbacks in their travel plans.


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How to Track Visa Status with Passport Number

Online visa checks using passport numbers are easy. Visa applications may now be submitted online, with the applicant just visiting the relevant country's official website and uploading the required documents. Both passport number and application number are required for this process. If you want to verify your visa status with your passport number, the following is the detailed process to check your visa application status:

  1. Visit the government website of the country you plan to visit.
  2. Find the link labeled "Visa Application Tracking" and click it.
  3. Include your date of birth, passport number, and acknowledgment number.
  4. Type the captcha code in the box and hit enter.
  5. The visa application status is shown for the applicant to view.

The applicant might also utilize alternative services that call for genuine registration to check visa status using a passport number. Your birth date, passport number, and other unique identification information must be entered. Visa applicants may also receive a tracking ID from some countries. This tracking ID allows applicants to quickly monitor the status of their visa application and receive any relevant updates.



Tracking your visa application online by passport number is important to ensure you get ready for your trip on time. It can help ease travel pressures when the travel date draws near. Remember that travel insurance coverage may be mandatory in order to obtain a visa for entry to some countries. Shriram General Insurance Company offers multi-trip travel insurance if frequent trips are anticipated. If you anticipate multiple trips in a year, multi-trip insurance plans are available with Shriram. Visit the SGI website or download the app to understand the terms of travel insurance.



1. Do all countries allow prospective visitors to check their visa status online?

Yes. Visa status can be verified online. When you apply for a visa to a certain country, the visa office there will ask for your phone number and email address so that they can keep you updated on the status of your application.


2. Where do I find information on the progress of my visa request?

The easiest method to do this is to use online services to check the status of your visa by passport number. To obtain a visa, you must first go online to the designated country's embassy or consulate and fill out the necessary forms. The status of your visa will be made available to you. Compared to writing, calling, or going to the embassy or a travel agent, this is far more practical and efficient.


3. How do I know if my passport is valid and can be submitted for the visa-approval process?

You can confidently submit your passport for the visa application process if it has sufficient validity. The typical validity period of an Indian passport is 10 years. In order to apply for a visa, most embassies and consulates require applicants to provide passports with at least six months of validity. To lower the likelihood of your visa being rejected, it is wise to have a valid passport on hand before beginning the application process. Once you submit your application, check your visa status online using your passport number.

Explore the world with confidence - protect yourself with Shriram Travel Insurance

Explore the world with confidence - protect yourself with Shriram Travel Insurance

Explore the world with confidence - protect yourself with Shriram Travel Insurance

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