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Lying on the bank of the river Ganga Patna is an ancient city in Bihar, northeast India. The city also perches the rivers Sone, Gandak and Punpun. Historically Patna is known as Patliputra, the capital and largest city of state Bihar. Patna was founded in 490 BCE by the king of Magadha. According to the United Nations, as of 2018, Patna had a population of 2.35 million, making it the 19th largest city in India. Covering 250 square kilometers (97 sq mi) and over 2.5 million people, its urban agglomeration is the 18th largest in India. The tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna. It was home to fine arts and scholars such as Aryabhata, Vātsyāyana and Chanakya.

Patna is a heritage in itself, the only thing that bothers people's lifestyle is the infrastructure. Most of the road structure is narrow and rough. On such a narrow road, people ride their bikes and get stuck in the crown. Though development in infrastructure is going on, commoners are facing problems because of the existing road structure. So, here what they need is Two Wheeler Insurance in Patna.

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Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

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Why Choose Two Wheeler Insurance in Patna by SGI?

Two Wheeler Insurance in Patna is needed to protect bike riders from uncertain situations such as third party liability, natural and man-made calamities. Therefore, it is important to buy Bike Insurance in Patna.

Bihar has witnesses maximum increase in road deaths despite a decline of 5000 fatalities in the country which comes to 4.4% fall during three quarters of 2017 (January to September) in comparison to same period last year.

Cashless Repairs: Cashless repairs facility plays a huge role in the claim settlement process. The cashless garages helps get repair your bike free as per the terms and conditions. The bike repair process and relieving process of claim settlement make the best combination of a good insurance company such as ShriramGI. There are plenty of cashless garages are available in Patna.

Hassle-free claims settlement: ShriramGI believes that every insured should be treated with respect and ease. Hence they never delays the process for someone who buy bike insurance in Patna


Customize your Vehicle IDV: With ShriramGI you can ask for IDV customization. It refers to the maximum claim SGI can provide if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or stolen.

24*7 Supports: The Company provide day and night customer support whenever needed whatever the problem is. Customer support of an insurance company show the entire work culture with their behavior or greetings.

Add-on Availability: ShriramGI provides various add-on options with Two Wheeler Insurance in Patna to ensure extra safety for your bike.

These covers include:

  1. RSA (Roadside Assistance)
  2. Personal Accident Cover (for the owner-driver)
  3. Nil Depreciation Cover
  4. Engine Protector Cover
  5. Return to Invoice
  6. Cover for Loss of Driving License and Registration Certificate - Motor 2 Wheeler (Package Policy)
  7. Daily Expenses Reimbursement - Motor 2 Wheeler (Package Policy)
  8. Hospital Daily Cash Allowance - Motor 2 Wheeler (Package Policy

This is how you can intimate claim with ShriramGI –

Inform at the earliest: The very first thing you should do when in such trouble is to inform your insurer in the first place.

FIR if needed: If required you can do FIR right after the incident takes place in case there’s bike theft.

Collect the snaps if possible: As soon as you realize what happened you should take pictures of the damaged car and the accident spot.

Look for the nearest garage: If you have cashless services, you must look for the nearest garage where you can take your vehicle for repair.

Checkout for documents: Also, collect all relevant documents that are needed for the smooth process of claim filing and settlement. Documents like identity card, insurance copy, FIR copy, and others as per the requirements.

Hassle-free assistance: ShriramGI provides hassle-free assistance to the insured who need to settle their claim smoothly.

Cashless garage network: You will be provided with a cashless garage network where you don’t have to pay from your pocket, the insurer will manage the process.

The Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in Patna -

Third-party Insurance

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory to buy vehicle insurance in India for every individual who owns a vehicle. Otherwise, you will be liable to pay a certain fine.

Bundle Policy

Bundle policy includes third party, personal accident insurance and own-damage where there will be 1 year of own damage and 5 years of third-party. And, Personal accident insurance is optional can be taken as an optional choice.

Package Policy

Package Policy also known as comprehensive insurance covers where insured will be offered 1 year of own damage cover and 1 year of third party policy. Here, also personal accident insurance is optional for you

Own Damage policy

To cover the loss and damage of your own vehicle for 1 year and then you have to renew the policy. If in case of any accidental situation you bike got damaged the insurance company will compensate for the same.

Following are generally the reason for loss or damage for which ShriramGI is there to assist -

Loss or damage to your vehicle due to an accident: If in case your bike gets damaged due to accident, then it will be covered by the insurance company.

Natural Calamities like Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.

Man-made calamities like Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

The problem faced by the bikers in Patna –

Lack of Infrastructure: According to data recently shared by various state government with supreme court appointed panel on the road safety, Bihar registered an increase of 378 road deaths in January, September of this year as compared to the same period last year. Altogether 3733 people had died due to road accident in the year 2016 which increases to 4111 in the same year. Source:

Rain ruins the transport: Patna is a flood-prone city that makes the rider's life even miserable. The biggest concern is water logging that disturbs to commute.. The rising water level can damage the bike. That’s why you should buy two-wheeler insurance in Patna.

How does ShriramGI help you buy two-wheeler insurance in Patna?

Provide correct policies: They provide Third-party liability insurance cover to protect you from the financial burden of damaging third party vehicles and property due to your bike. Another one is comprehensive insurance cover that facilitates both third party and own damage.

No fines: If you buy two wheeler insurance in Patna, you will not have to pay fines. If you found not having two wheeler insurance in Patna, you have to pay fines up to Rs. 2000 and imprisonment for about 3 months.

Better claim process: Buying bike insurance in Patna with ShriramGI give you a soothing and hassle-free claim process

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which two-wheeler insurance is best in Patna?

Two wheeler insurance in Patna provides maximum benefits at an affordable premium price. Third-party liability and comprehensive are the best insurance cover one should buy.

How cashless claim settlement works in Patna?

YIn cashless claim settlement, you don't have to pay the bill as your insurer will settle with the damage.

What factors depend on insurance costs in Patna?

There is several factors that depend on the premium of the car insurance such as the market value of the car, engine capacity and age, the type of policy you want, the number of add-ons, and more.

Why do you need two-wheeler insurance in Patna?

Two wheeler insurance is needed to save you from uncertain events that may lead to loss and damage you don't want.

Is it important to buy two-wheeler insurance in Patna?

It is very important to buy two-wheeler insurance in Patna to maintain legality in Indian Territory and protect yourself from unpleasant incidents.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: August 2022

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