Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in Indore

The city of 7 stories Rajwada Palace, Lal Bhag and many more has shown immense growth in the last few decades. IITs, IIMs&IT companies and other major establishments have constructed such an ambience for the city that built the city into a commercial capital of the state.

The people of Indore have shown one of the most responsible citizens when it comes to cleanliness in the city. Then why be careless, in insuring your two-wheeler? A two-wheeler insurance Indore offers you safety from third-party liability, own damage cover and for the rider personal accident insurance.

Accident cover SGI
Theft cover shriramgi
naural disaster cover shriram general insruance
PA cover 2w insurance sgi
third party cover two wheeler insurance sgi

Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

Addon electrical and electronic accessories in sgi two wheeler insurance
2w addon geographical extension cover SGI
two wheeler pillion cover addon SGI

Different Policies for Two-wheeler Insurance in Indore 

Bundle Policy 

The policy is specially designed for all the new two-wheelers. Under this policy, SGI offers a one-year own damages policy with 5 years of third-party insurance and personal accident insurance. By opting for a bundle policy, all the new two-wheelers are going to enjoy safety from third-party and from natural or man-made calamities. The driver will be getting personal accident insurance too for 5 years. 

Package Policy

Two-wheeler insurance in Indore for all types of bikes and two-wheelers. The policy will assist you with one year of third-party liability and offers one year of personal accident insurance to the driver. For the vehicle, the policy provides one year of own damage cover, which will protect your two-wheelers from external calamities. 

Own Damages 

If you are looking to protect your bike from perils, then own damage policy will be a perfect choice for you. The own damage policy provides bike insurance Indore a safety from natural and man-made calamities for one year. 

Standalone Third-party Insurance Policy 

Looking to secure bike insurance in Indore from third-party liability. The standalone third-party insurance policy will ensure the two-wheelers from third-party liability till one year. The policy also assures safety from penalties to be paid to the traffic officials. 

Why to Choose SGI for Two-wheeler Insurance in Indore 

In order to ensure the security of the two-wheeler in Indore from unexpected events, SGI offers you the most suitable and well-organised policies for each vehicle. Even, ensuring the two-wheeler insurance in Indore from SGI will be beneficial for you in many ways. Let's discuss some of the facts that might be helpful for you in insurance from SGI. 

Support Team 

To resolve the doubt that bothers the customers, SGI has setup a dedicated team which resolves the queries of the customer at any hour. The team works 24x7 hours a day so that no issues remain to be solved. 

Online Insurance 

To save time, money and deliver a relaxed process, SGI offers online insurance services. Two-wheeler insurance in Indore has become easier and more suitable for the customers. The process can be done from any place with minimum time and process. It requires almost no paperwork to insure your bike. 

Quick Claim Settlement

The most critical process of any insurance is to pass the insurance claim, now the process has become smooth and fast. Two-wheeler insurance in Indore with SGI will help you to clear your claim process at the most suitable time.

Renewal Process 

We are living in such a busy world that some of the time we forget to remember the important day of our family. So how to remember the renewal date of two-wheeler insurance? Here comes the SGI, a team will email, SMS or make a call to your respected number to inform you about the renewal of the policy. With the effort team, your two-wheeler insurance in Indore will be comfortably renewed. 

Claim Settlement 

If you compare different insurance companies, one parameter that should be focused on is the ‘claims ratio’. The ratio explains the actual ratio of the companies in case of a claim. The two-wheeler insurance in Indore will benefit you as the ratio of SGI comes among the topmost companies. 


The additional features presented on the cover with the own damage policy. These are one of the offers that can opt for on the necessity of the customer. By paying some additional premium, the customer can select them and enjoy the benefits. The Addons that are offered are as follows: - 

  1. Roadside assistance
  2. Nil depreciation 
  3. Return to invoice
  4. Engine protection 
  5. Consumable
  6. Hospital daily cash allowance
  7. Daily expense reimbursement 
  8. Personal belonging

Procedure for Filing Claim in Indore 

The claim is the process which means you are looking for reimbursement for the losses that are covered under the insurance policy. In this process, the insurance company pays for the bill that has managed to recover the shape and size of the two-wheeler. For filing a claim, the procedure one should follow is: -

  1. Inform the insurer about the incident and ask for the registration for the claim. The insurer will provide you with a claim number. 
  2. If possible then take some snaps of the incident. It will help you at the time of claim settlement. 
  3. Take your bike to the nearest garage for repair (if required). 
  4. In some of the situations, you have to file an FIR at the police station. The insurer might ask you for a copy of an FIR. This is usually done in case of theft of the vehicle or a third-party claim. 
  5. When the surveyor comes for the survey, then he will ask you for the document. Submit all the required documents. That can be the RC of the vehicle, RC policy copy etc. 
  6. In the end, take your vehicle back to your home. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to transfer the two-wheeler insurance policy in Indore?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the two-wheeler insurance policy in Indore from one owner to another owner. The process for transferring the policy is also too simple. The insured has to visit the branch office and ask for the transfer of the policy. The company will make an endorsement paper against the transfer and attach it to the original policy.

Is insurance premium payment can be done in instalments?

No, you cannot pay two-wheeler insurance premium in instalments to the insurer. As the government of India has made a strict rule that aborts the rule of taking two-wheeler insurance in instalments.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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