Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in Gurgaon

The city has one of the best and most rapidly growing infrastructures in north India. Gurgaon has been brought up as a financial industry and an automobile sector of north India. A huge market that has given a boom to the economy of the country must be safe, safe from perils, accidents, and all the unwanted hectic life.

For resolving two-wheeler problems SGI has prepared two-wheeler insurance for Gurgaon. This policy will protect your Bike and all the two-wheeler from all the external perils and will compensate when required the most.

Accident cover SGI
Theft cover shriramgi
naural disaster cover shriram general insruance
PA cover 2w insurance sgi
third party cover two wheeler insurance sgi

Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

Addon electrical and electronic accessories in sgi two wheeler insurance
2w addon geographical extension cover SGI
two wheeler pillion cover addon SGI

Two-wheeler Insurance Plan for Gurgaon

Bundle Policy 

For the newest two-wheelers in Gurgaon, Shriram General Insurance has offered 5 years of third-party insurance following personal accident insurance and one year of own damage policy. This policy is specially designed for fresh vehicles, as these vehicles need more care

Package Policy

All the two-wheelers which can be insured in Gurgaon are eligible to take the package policy. A package policy is the combo of third-party insurance along with personal accident insurance and own damage insurance. These all policies are offered for one year. This policy is a complete package for two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon

Standalone Policy 

To save two-wheelers in Gurgaon from third-party liability, a standalone policy will be a preferable choice for the customer. But this policy will not protect the vehicle from own damages

Own Damage Policy 

The two-wheeler owners who are willing to save their vehicle from external perils can opt for this policy for one yearTwo-wheelers insured in Gurgaon with own damage policy will be protected from natural and man-made perils

The benefits of choosing SGI for two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon 

Choosing SGI for bike insurance in Gurgaon will be in your favour, as SGI has many benefits that are specified for two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon. Let's have a look at some of the benefits that one can enjoy with two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon.

Customer Support 

For the two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon, we offer 24x7 call assistance. A team will be always there to assist you with insurance problems. For intimation of claims or any queries, the team is well trained to resolve them.

Better Claim Ratio

The claim ratio is the ratio between the applied claim to the approved claim. The claim is one of the major aspects of any insurance, and SGI has one of the better claim ratios in the insurance sector. Therefore, two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon with SGI will serve you best and assist to settle the claim

Fast Claim Process

The process of the claim plays a vital role in any policy, Bike insured in Gurgaon with SGI will have the benefit that the process of claim is smooth and flawless. It will save your time and give you a stress-free life.

Renewal of Insurance for Gurgaon 

Renewal of Two-wheeler is ones in while, as many of the times reminders of such an unregular work becomes an issue. To resolve your problem, SGI has defined a team that helps the customer to remind about the renewal of the insurance policy before expiration. Hence the process will help to save you from paying a huge fine and your vehicle being without an insurance policy.

Online Insurance

For buying a two-wheeler insurance policy in Gurgaon, you need not visit the insurance office or any agent. By following some simple processes, you can enjoy the insurance policy from anywhere. Save time, and money and live a hectic free life by insuring a bike online from SGI

Add-ons for Gurgaon 

The add-ons will be one of the best parts for bike insurance in Gurgaon. As the add-ons are the extra feature for the vehicle that has to be insured. By adding some additional premium one can avail of these add-ons. The add-ons offered by SGI are: - 

  1. Nil-depreciation
  2. Roadside assistance 
  3. Engine protection 
  4. Return to invoice
  5. Consumable 
  6. Hospital daily cash allowance 
  7. Personal belonging 

There are some of the add-ons that will provide you additional benefits with the two-wheeler insurance in Gurgaon policy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will be the process for filing a claim in Gurgaon?

For filing a claim form ShriramGI, you have to follow a few steps.

  1. As fast as possible inform the insurer about the incident and report the claim number.
  2. Take some of the picks of the incident if possible, this will help you to process the claim smoothly and fast.
  3. File for FIR if required, as there are some cases where informing the police is a must. For example, in case of theft of a vehicle or third-party claim.
  4. Take your vehicle to the nearest registered garage, this will help you to repair your vehicle fast and it will be a cashless process.

By following this process your vehicle will be ready after an unwanted event and all the problems will be solved.

Which will be the best bike insurance policy in Gurgaon?

If we will talk about the best plan for a bike in Gurgaon, then if the bike is new the Bundle policy will be the perfect selection.

If the bike is old and wants to insure for only the care of the bike, then the Own Damage will be the best policy for the bike.

And if you are looking for a package of third-party policies then the package policy will be the perfect plan that will cover third party, personal accident insurance and own damage policy.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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