Two Wheeler Insurance Plans in Chennai

Chennai, one of the biggest cultural and economic centres of India.A city of the ancient civilization now has the 6thlargest populous in India. This brings huge traffic and responsibility. Traffic gives the possibility of accident and responsibility is to protect or insure ourselves from this accident.

Bike insurance in Chennai should be one of the top priorities of a rider. As Chennai is one of the most populated cities in the country, this brings a massive traffic problem that may result in accidents. And theseaccidents may cause huge losses. To bear unwanted losses you must have two-wheeler insurance Chennai. SGI has come up with the best insurance plan as per the requirement of the city.

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Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

Addon electrical and electronic accessories in sgi two wheeler insurance
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What are the benefits of choosing SGI insurance

Online Insurance

SGI has come up with an online insurance plan. Under which you can insure your bike from anywhere, and also you can check the quotation for your bike. This feature will help you to save time and money.

Easy Renewal Process

SGI has a dedicated team that only work for the customer whose insurance policy is on the term of termination. For the remainder of Two-wheeler insurance in Chennai, we use the medium of Email, Call and SMS to inform you about the insurance termination date and they also assist you with the renewal process.

Call Assistance

We have a team that is dedicated to assisting you 24x7 with the insurance claim issues, renewal process and for any other queries.

Simple and Fast Claim Settlement

The best and most relaxing part of any insurance is claim settlement, SGI has made two-wheeler insurance claim settlement in Chennaisimple and flawless. We do understand the situation of the customer after an accident.

Hassle and Stress-free Life

After Having Two-wheeler insurance in Chennai, you are 100% free from natural and man-made disasters, third party liability etc. This will relax and make you live tension-free.

Two-wheeler insurance plans for Chennai

SGI has come up with two different types of Two-wheeler insurance plansfor Chennai. These plans will help you to protect your bike from unwanted liabilities. The two plans are: -

Third-party Insurance

This is also knowns as Standalone. This policy will protect you from the liability of third-party damage, in other words, this is the policy, that compensation for the damage to the third party in case of an accident for the insured vehicle.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, the Government of India has made it mandatory for every vehicle to be insured with Third-party insurance.

Bundle Policy

Under this policy, SGI will protect your two-wheeler from the perils. As the name of the policy, this is a bundle of the third party, personal accident insurance and own-damage. 1 year of own damage and 5 years of third-party.In this Personal accident insurance is optional, you can opt as per your requirement.

Package Policy

Bike insurance in Chennai with a package policy is also knowns as a comprehensive insurance policy. In this policy, SGI offers you one year of own damage and 1 year of the third-party policy. Personal insurance is an option for you, in case you have a personal insurance policy then it is not compulsory to opt for it. The own damage insurance will compensate for the damage to your two-wheeler and the third-party insurance will protect you from third-party liability.

Own Damage policy

Own damage is the policy that covers the damage of own vehicle, and this is for one year. Own damage policy will help your bike from the liability that is caused on your vehicle. The insurance company will be liable to pay for the damage to your vehicle.

Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (CPA)

This policy will serve you in case of any accidental conditional, the company will bear the cost of medical, permanent total or partial loss.

These are the plans that are offered by the SGI in the city of Chennai. For the bikers that are obsessed with their bikes, they must opt for bike insurance Chennai


How to file for a Claim

For filing a claim process, one must follow some of the important processes. These are as follow: -

Inform the Insurer

As soon as possible inform the insurer about the incident and ask to register for the claim process. This is the must process you should follow. You can make a call or contact the nearest branch office to inform them about the accident or the incident.

File for Claim

As soon as you informed the insurer about the incident then you must ask them to register about the claim process. The insurer will ask you for some of the required documents like RC of the vehicle, policy copy, the licence of the driver and details about the accident or incident.


File an FIR in the police station. This is only mandatory for the vehicle which is stolen, accidentally injured third party etc. in these conditions the insurer will ask you for a copy of the FIR.

The very next process will be, the insurer will send a surveyor to check the condition of the insured vehicle and the surveyor will pass the claim. In the end, the insurer will compensatethe amount of the insured vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Own Damage and Third-party insurance?

The damage compensation to the insured vehicle in case of an unpleasant event is known as own damage policy. In spite of that, the damage that covers the damages to the third party from the insured vehicle is known as third-party insurance.

What are the perils that are covered under own damage policy?

Man-made and natural perils are covered under own damage policy. They are theft, flood, fire, accident, thunderstorm, riots, malicious act, terrorism, etc. are the perils that are covered under Own damage policy.

What are the Add-ons offered by the SGI?

Nil-depreciation, Roadside assistance, Return to Invoice, Personal belongings, Engine protector cover, consumable cover, hospital daily cash allowance, daily expenses reimbursement etc are some of the Add-on that is offered by the SGI at the of Bike Insurance in Chennai.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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