Why Two-Wheeler/Bike Insurance needed in Agra?

Everyone in life needs a sort of financial security for life. And, that comes with insurance to overcome the financial burden of an unpleasant event. Hence, one should buy two-wheeler insurance in Agra for protection. As per the Motor vehicle act, 1988, a Two-wheeler insurance policy is mandatory to have for every bike owner in India. It ensures safety in the first place against any uncertainty such as man-made and natural calamities. Two-Wheeler insurance can help you claim compensation for damages, recovering from an unexpected occurrence. 

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Two Wheeler Insurance - Additional Covers

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Reasons to choose Two-wheeler insurance in Agra– 

You can buy Two-wheeler insurance online: You have the online availability to buy two-wheeler insurance policy in Agra with Shriram general insurance sitting at home. And, just with some clicks, you can instantly & easily buy two-wheeler insurance policies. Through the website, the online process is quite quick and hassle-free. 

Renewal process becomes easy: If you buy or renew Two-wheeler insurance from SGI, it would be a great experience with a quick and smooth renewal process. SGI send reminders to their customers timely even if you forget to renew, you don't have to worry. 

No Claim Bonus transfer: The NCB transfer process is quite hassle-free in case you switch insurers. As you know NCB is the reward that you get for not claiming a single time with a year of the policy tenure. At the time of renewal of bike insurance in Agra, you are offered a low premium with SGI.

You will get a hassle-free claim with SGI: With SGI you can get a claim hassle-free without any drag if you submit all relevant and required documents asked by the insurer. These are enough reasons why you should choose two-wheeler insurance in Agra for buying two-wheeler insurance.

Two Wheeler Insurance in Agra - 

Agra – a city in Uttar Pradesh is rich in heritage and popular historical monuments. Taj Mahal is one of the heritages that reflect the seven wonders of the world. Most of the tourists visit here to see the serene beauty of the white monument made of marble. It’s a simple city where the commoners use a two-wheeler for daily commuting. Because bikes are the most convenient and affordable vehicle for all classes. And, that is why the demand for bikes is always high, so the requirement to buy two-wheeler insurance in Agra is also needed

Road Accidents in Uttar Pradesh -

As per the ministry of road transport and Highway (MoRTH) report of 2019, Uttar Pradesh (UP) made up the largest share - 15% of total road accident deaths in the country. In 2019, the state had witnessed 22,655 deaths due to road accidents, which was the highest across India. With about 19,731 fatal road accidents UP has the infamous number of fatal road accidents in the country as per MoRTH. 

As per the MoRTH report, the maximum number of road accidents and deaths in UP are due to over-speeding. In the year 2019, about 15,934 overspeeding incidents were causing the death of around 8,398 people. Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

You are at risk – 

No matter how expert you are in riding a bike, you're always exposed to the risk because of unskilled riders. Another obstacle is not so properly constructed roads and highways. These roads are beyond your control and quite disturbing while riding on such road conditions in Agra. And, that’s when it is highly required for your bike safety as well as your safety too. Two-wheeler insurance in Agra gets you through all financial obstacles that may arise due to uncertain events. Therefore, it is advisable to buy bike insurance in Agra. Hence, it will assure you of complete safety with comprehensive insurance cover. And, keep you safe from various risks such as accidents, and losses caused due to natural and man-made calamities. 

How to File a Claim for bike insurance in Agra? 

Nowadays, filing two-wheeler insurance claims are quite easier in regards to making policyholders more comfortable. You choose the best bike insurance plans in Agra and get such facilities. It is important to have pre-acquired knowledge about the claim process to handle it with ease.

Inform the insurer immediately: The very first thing you should do is to inform your insurer immediately about the incident. Take your bike to the nearest registered garage and get it repaired. If possible don’t forget to take all the important proofs and the location.

Submit required documents while filing a claim: Documents are the necessary part for any claim to be processed. So, like a responsible insured you must submit the required documents such as insurance policy copy, identity proof, driving license, and RC copy.

File an FIR if 5needed: You can file an FIR at the nearest police station in case, your bike got stolen. It will help in getting the claim approved quickly. 

Two-wheeler insurance plans in Agra -

You can choose third-party liability insurance cover or comprehensive if you are looking for bike insurance plans in Agra. One is third-party insurance cover and the other is comprehensive insurance cover. Both the covers have their own significance were against the loss or damage to the vehicle. 

Buy third party liability cover in Agra

To protect against loss or damage to the third person or property due to your vehicle, third-party liability coverage is mandatory to have. If the policyholder meets with an accident due to which a third party vehicle gets damaged, then the insurance company provides compensation for the cost of repairs to third party property. This is how it reduces the financial burden for the insured. It is important to instantly inform the insurance company and file a claim to get rid of the situation.

Comprehensive cover plan in Agra

The comprehensive insurance cover is the best advisable cover for you as it tends to cover the overall risk that may occur. It covers both third-party liability as well as the own damage of the vehicle. So, if you are looking for suitable bike insurance in Agra, pick this comprehensive one. Also, by paying a little extra can opt for add-on covers for nil depreciation, the pillion rider, and more. 

Bike riders in Agra face challenges –

Accidents more often- The Yamuna Express Highway connects Agra and Greater Noida which is highly prone to road accidents. According to the RTI data, over 150 people have died this year on this deadly 165 km long expressway. Reason for accidents such as rash riding, tyre bursting, and fog during winter make the situation worst. 

Heavy traffic - On Agra streets, traffic jams make the situation pathetic. It's like a nightmare that affects people's movement. Habits such as irregular parked vehicles, and encroachment by hawkers create chaos on the road which somehow leads to bad road accidents.

Bad road condition and rain - The road condition is already worst and on top of it heavy rain makes it even more miserable for the riders, especially in the nighttime. Open potholes and manholes cause fatal bike accidents. To cope with all these adverse situations bike insurance in Agra is important. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is two-wheeler insurance?

Third-Party liability cover is mandatory directed under the motor vehicle act, 1988. And, every bike owner must buy this cover to protect themselves from uncertainty.

What are the types of two-wheeler insurance?

There are two types of two-wheeler insurance, third-party liability and comprehensive. Where the third party is mandatory but comprehensive is highly recommended because of complete coverage.

Risks are covered under two-wheeler insurance.

Two-wheeler insurance covers the loss and damage to third-party person and property. At the same time protects from financial hazards from man-made or natural calamities, and theft.

Risks are covered under two-wheeler insurance.

Two-wheeler insurance covers the loss and damage to third-party person and property. At the same time protects from financial hazards from man-made or natural calamities, and theft.

How to buy two-wheeler insurance online in Agra?

It’s an easy process where you visit a website and buy two-wheeler insurance online without rushing anywhere. Fill in details on the two-wheeler page and proceed accordingly.

When and how to renew bike insurance in Agra?

Insurance renewal is equally important as buying two-wheeler insurance. You just have to follow the renewal reminders from insurers. Call the customer care team for offline assistance or visit the website and renew your policy.

Factors for premium calculation for two-wheeler insurance –

Bike make, model, year of manufacture, engine capacity, geographical location, and age of the bike are the main factors for the premium calculation.

Written By: Shriram General Insurance - Updated: July 2022

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