Shriram General Insurance(SGI), a part of Rs.1,200 billion Chennai-based Shriram Group is issuing more than 40,000 policies per month via their mobile app, M – Nova. The company is offering all motor products (private cars, 2 wheelers, GCCV, PCCV and misc. D class vehicle) through its mobile app

In FY 17-18 (up to February 2018), 12% of the total policies issued by Shriram General Insurance were issued through mobile app which is not only eliminating the risk of fraud and manipulation, but also providing better services to its customers. During this period the company also registered a premium growth of more than 150% in issuing policies through its mobile app.

Aligned to the Government’s initiative of a Digital India, we are growing our digital presence across platforms. Today, we are reaching out to thousands of customers through these various platforms.

M – Nova, the mobile app, built on an Android platform with B2B capabilities started being sold only in few branches but now it is spread across the country and we are issuing approximately 40,000 policies per month.

Through the app, an associate can fill an E-proposal which can be digitally signed. Associates will also go through a 360 degree pre-inspection phase post which they will be able to attach documents, generate online quotes, pay premiums using different modes like, cash, cheque, NEFT, various payment gateways while generating the insurance policy.

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