Who wants to ruin the excitement of buying a new ride by worrying about insurance? Let’s just take whatever insurance the guy at the showroom is selling. At least one less thing to worry about! Right? Well…very very wrong! At that moment it might seem like the convenient thing to do, but in the long run it will be most profitable for you to pick your own insurance. And not just any insurance. A long term two wheeler insurance. Why, you ask? Because, it’s the smarter thing to do!

Let’s consider the benefits of long term two wheeler insurance.

Freedom from renewal

Well, the foremost and the most obvious is that you are free from the headache of renewing every year. No more paperwork or any cumbersome procedures for the duration of the insurance.

Frozen premium

Often insurance premiums undergo annual revision. It might be higher the next time around. However, when you opt for long term insurance, you lock your premium for the coming years.

No fear of expiry

Many times we simply forget to renew. With long term insurance, it’s ok to forget! Riding your bike or scooter for even one day with an expired insurance exposes you to various risks. Long term plans eliminate these risks.


Many insurance companies offer special benefits and discounts on long term two wheeler insurance, which you are not entitled to if you go for a regular annual insurance plan.

Whether you are planning to buy a new bike or scooter or are already a proud owner of one, a long term two wheeler insurance is the best and most convenient option for you. When you realise how hassle-free it is, your excitement will truly double!  Click here to get insured with the Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance from Shriram General Insurance in simple steps and just sit back and enjoy your ride!