It has been a concern for all the customers regarding the purchase of an electric two-wheeler since the events are in the news of the fire in the EV two-wheelers. If we look at the graph of fire in the electric vehicle then we can analyze the reality of the electric vehicle. But do you think that all electric vehicles are unsafe to drive? Let us discuss the relevant points that will make all the doubts clear in your mind and help to choose the better option.

Government Plan to Push Electric vehicle into the Market 

The government of India is eagerly looking to push the sales of electric vehicles in India. The Indian PM has committed to be a zero-carbon emission country till 2070 in the COP 26 meeting which was held in Glasgow. To achieve the commitment the government wants to increase the sales of electric vehicles in India by 2030 and for that number of incentives are provided to such companies.

Are Electric Two-wheeler Really Safe

If you have come across the news around the nation, you might get to know that a number of vehicles are catching fire and even though the companies are still not clear about the reason. This is a huge problem when we come to electric vehicles.

The use of such vehicles is at a record high if we compare to the earlier chart. And as per the experts, this can be a reason, the demand for the vehicle to the supply has a vast difference. To achieve sales targets the companies are avid in producing the vehicle and making some mistakes. But we can’t come to the results till the reports are out.

If we focus on the ratio of fire, the vehicles are still safe to use. The ratio says there are limited two-wheeler companies that are having the issue. Ola Electric, Okinawa Autotech, and 20 Jitendra EVs are spotted to catch fire more as compared to others.

Measure to Keep Electric Vehicles Safer

The experts have shared their views which can help the owners to save their EV bikes. They are as follows: –

  • Do not charge them fully.
  • Don’t keep the EV discharged.
  • Take two-wheeler insurance. 
  • Never overcharge the battery.
  • If possible install a thermal sensor to detect the temperature of the Battery

Following the given instructions can help you to prevent your vehicle from getting fired. Although the given suggestions are not full proof of protection from the hazard, the two-wheeler insurance can help you a lot.

Why Two-wheeler Insurance for EVs is Important

The blog explains the unusual situation that occurs in EVs and the risk can be transferred to the insurance company. Two-wheeler insurance for electric vehicles is crucially important not only to cure the fire damages but it will also to protect you from many other situations. Natural or man-made perils and third party liability are also covered by two-wheeler insurance. The perils of theft, fire, earthquake, loss to third party life or property and many more are compensated by two-wheeler insurance. 

As per the government of India, two-wheeler insurance is compulsory. In 1988, an Motor Vehicle Act was passed by the president of India under which it is mentioned to have third party insurance for every vehicle. If one vehicle is found without legal insurance, it can be fined and imprisoned.

Pros and Cons of Having Electric Vehicle


  • Saves environment.
  • Economically beneficial.
  • Air and noise pollution free.
  • Easy to charge.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • No carbon emission.
  • Pocket friendly to use.


  • Minimum charging station.
  • Charging takes time.
  • Costlier than usual vehicle.
  • Short driving range.
  • Battery replacement is costlier.