Personal Accident Insurance

An accident can occur anywhere, at your workstation, at road or even at home and resulted in death or injury to you. Due to this, you or your beloved family may face financial crisis.

Due to the uncertainty of accidents, we are offering Personal Accident Insurance policy with extensive benefits that will help you ease o‑ just in case one occurs. This insurance will provide cover against death and disablement (Permanent/Partial/Temporary) from accidental bodily injury. This policy also design to select other optional rider cover on additional premium named as Hospital Confinement Allowance, Accidental Hospitalization Cover and Medical Expense Reimbursement.

This policy covers various risk groups for age group from 18-70 years and can be opt for 1/2/3 years THE BENEFITS

  1. Accidental Death & Disappearance : This benefit is payable in the event of an accidental death of policy holder. The payment will be made to the nominee as declared by insured person.
  2. Permanent Total Disability : This benefit is payable in the event of accident resulted into permanent total disability like loss of limbs
  3. Permanent Partial Disability : If insured person meet with Accidental Bodily Injury during the Policy Period that causes Permanent Partial Disability within 12 months from the date of such accident, then We will pay the percentage of sum insured (as mentioned in policy)

Additional Benefit without any additional payment

  1. Transportation of Mortal Remains : If there is claim against Accidental Death & Disappearance then we will pay towards the actual cost of transporting the remains of the deceased from the place of death to a hospital, cremation ground or burial ground. The amount we pay will be limited to the lower of Rs. 5,000/- or 2% of the sums insured
  1. Children‘s Education Benefit : If there is claim against Accidental Death & Disappearance or Permanent Total Disability, then We will make a one-time payment of Rs.5,000/- each child towards the cost of education of up to 2 of the insured’s dependent children.

More benefit with additional Payment

We are also offering some additional add on cover under this policy which can be get after paying additional payment

  1. Temporary Total Disability : If the insured suffers Accidental Bodily Injury which completely prevents the insured person from engaging in his/her respective occupation, then we will make a weekly payment of 1 % of capital sum insured per week,
  1. Hospital Confinement Allowance : If due to accident, insured person had to be hospitalized for medical reasons, because of such Accidental Bodily injury then we will pay then Rs.1000/- for each complete calendar day subject to maximum of INR 30,000/-
  1. Accidental Hospitalization Cover : If during the period of Insurance, insured person, sustains bodily injury resulting from accident during the policy period and is hospitalized as an in-patient for twenty four (24) continuous hours or more, then We will reimburse Insured Person the necessary Usual, Reasonable and Customary In-House Medical Expenses actually incurred by Insured Person,
  1. Medical Expense Reimbursement : We will reimburse the costs of necessary medical treatment the insured had to obtain from a Medical practitioner because of the Accidental Bodily Injury the insured met with. However, our payment will be limited to 40% of the value of the claim or 10% of the 'Capital Sum Insured' or Rs. 5 Lac or the Actual Amount whichever is lower.
  1. Modification of Residential Accommodation and Vehicle : In the event of Injury, We will reimburse upto the Sum Insured for covered expenses reasonably incurred to modify the Insured Person’s residential accommodation or own vehicle on account of the Insured having suffered Permanent Total Disability. The maximum limit under this section will be Rs. 50,000/- for modification of single residential accommodation / vehicle.

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