What are the Primary Advantages of Renewing Your Car Insurance Online?


20 March,2023


13 June,2024

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Having car insurance is the best way to protect your car and your family from unexpected events that could cause severe damage. Renewing your car insurance is a responsible way to ensure that you are covered in case of such occurrences.


It is quite straightforward to renew your car insurance online. You can do so either online on Shriram General Insurance website or your current insurer's website. It should be done before its expiration to avoid any legal penalties.


However, if you have overlooked the due date and realised that it has expired, there is nothing to worry much! It can still be fixed with the minimum effort and come at an additional cost.


Many are hesitant about buying vehicle insurance online due to concerns about dependability, legitimacy and firms not based in their city—all of which are valid worries. However, Shriram General Insurance is addressing these key issues by offering enhanced online customer service and support.


Moreover, Shriram General Insurance encourages paperless policies and one can purchase or renew their policy anytime and from anywhere. In the internet age, it is the wisest decision to buy car insurance online because it has many benefits. Buying or renewing Shriram Car Insurance Online has numerous advantages among others. Some of the benefits include:



  • Safe Process
  • Simple Customisation
  • Easy Insurance Company Transfer
  • Transparent Process
  • Effortless NCB Transfer
  • Comfortable Documents Access
  • Quick Policy Issuance
  • Easy Policy Endorsement
  • Digitalised Transactions

Safe Process

Renewing a car insurance policy online is a safe and secure process. Having the policy information accessible online enables the policyholder to make an informed choice. In addition, paying the premium through secure payment gateways guarantees the policyholder not exposed to fraudulent risks.


Simple Customisation

The advantage of renewing car insurance online is the ability to personalise the policy based on the needs. You can modify the coverage of your policy by selecting the relevant add-ons. Kindly note that the cost of your policy is determined by the coverage provided.


Easy Insurance Company Transfer

At the time of online four-wheeler insurance renewal, you have the option to switch to the best plan. Find a reliable insurance company with the best features for a reasonable premium and make the switch. Compare plans using the Shriram General Insurance’s website to make an informed decision.


Transparent Process

Renewing a policy online ensures transparency for the policyholder, providing all the necessary information at their fingertips. This eliminates any confusion or uncertainty about the process.


Effortless NCB Transfer

At the time of renewing your four-wheeler insurance policy, it is essential to always transfer your No Claim Bonus (NCB). If you are setting up the policy offline, this can be a lengthy process, whereas doing it online will be more convenient and quicker.


Comfortable Documents Access

The main advantage of purchasing a car insurance online is that all the documents are stored in one spot. This may not seem like a major advantage, but it enables policy holders to keep track of and review their policy whenever necessary.


In times of emergency, it can be difficult to locate the necessary paperwork to file a claim and there is usually not enough time to search for it. This can be especially problematic when a policy holder needs the details of their policy quickly but cannot locate them. Fortunately, online car insurance eliminates these issues.


Quick Policy Issuance

If a policy holder purchases a motor insurance policy online, they can benefit from its immediate activation, in contrast to buying the policy offline, which requires processing. Providing the correct information ensures that the policy is ready to go right away, without any delay from the insurer.


Easy Policy Endorsement

Online vehicle insurance makes it simple to make changes to policy documents. All policy holders need to do is fill out an endorsement form present on the company website.


Once the endorsement form is submitted to the insurer, the request will be approved promptly. Purchasing motor insurance online is beneficial to policy holders as it is timesaving, cost-effective and requires less effort. It is also more convenient, as the entire process is conducted online.


Digitalised Transactions

With the advent of online car insurance plans, it has become easier for customers to purchase vehicle insurance without having to submit hardcopies of documents. The streamlined process for online transactions makes it simple and convenient for customers to register and avail of these services in no time, while also reducing paper usage and benefiting the environment.


Final Note

An individual shouldn't neglect the importance of purchasing or renewing four-wheeler insurance online. Shriram General Insurance offers an extensive range of four-wheeler insurance plans online for your peace of mind. With the convenience of buying four-wheeler insurance online and the ease of renewal, one can enjoy a simple claims process with minimal paperwork.


Key Highlights

  • In the internet age, it is always wise to buy or renew car insurance online because it has many benefits.
  • Renewing a policy online ensures transparency for the policyholder, providing all the necessary information at their fingertips.
  • With the advent of online motor insurance plans, it has become easier for customers to purchase vehicle insurance without physical documentation.
  • Shriram General Insurance offers an extensive range of four-wheeler insurance plans online for your peace of mind.


1. Is it important to renew car insurance?

It is essential to renew your four-wheeler insurance policy before it expires, regardless of whether it is third-party or comprehensive coverage. All four-wheeler insurance policies have a set validity period and must be renewed regularly.


2. What should I look for when renewing car insurance?

  • Mandatory Third-Party(TP) insurance
  • Comprehensive cover
  • IDV (Insured Declared Value)
  • Offered services
  • NCB (No Claim Bonus)
  • Additional covers

3. How many days before I have to renew my four-wheeler insurance?

Renewing your four-wheeler insurance policy within 15 to 30 days of its expiration date is recommended to prevent the denial of any claims and to avoid the chance of having to pay a higher premium.

Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

Save up-to 85% off on your Car Insurance

Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

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