What Are High-Security Registration Plate Guidelines?

People who use their vehicle without high-security registration plates (HSRP) are liable to pay hefty fines as per the government. And, to curb such cases, the traffic police are getting stricter with the fines. However, the High-Security Registration Plate rule is mandatory only in Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and UP. Gradually it may be followed by other states too. Therefore, it’s better to install high-security registration plates than to pay a hefty fine. 

What Is An High-Security Registration Plate?

The HSRP is a number plate made of aluminium that comes with two non-reusable locks and is tamper-proof. One has to break the lock to remove the number plate. This plate is high-level security you need to purchase but once it’s broken you cannot install the same again. The chromium number plate contains Ashoka Chakra on the left, along with IND written. The laser encoded vehicle identification number is easy to scan but difficult to tamper.  

What Colour Coded Sticker Indicate?

The colour-coded sticker indicates the fuel type of the car and the Bharat Stage. You will get a blue sticker for petrol and CNG cars, diesel cars get the orange one and green colour sticker for Electric vehicle (EV). BS6 cars have a green strip that needs to be installed from inside the windscreen.


Is High-Security Number Plate Mandatory?

The high-security registration plates are mandatory to be installed to help in tracking a stolen vehicle. As the old number plates used to get easily tampered with. Earlier it was easy to remove the stickers and the vehicle identification number was used to change easily. When a vehicle gets stolen, the number plate is replaced which makes it difficult to track them. And, with HSRP, the stolen vehicle can be scanned and track from the CCTV installed on our roads. If in case, any mishap or tampered done the offender will be caught. With HSRP you can get fancy number plates inscribed in their language. If we see it in a broader aspect, it will help citizens with the digitization of data. Cars older than 15 years are not allowed to be used in some regions, where colour-coded stickers will play a beneficial role. The HSRP also help traffic police to identify the vehicle’s age. 

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What Is The Cost Involved?

If you want to install HSRP for two wheeler then it would cost around ₹600 and for four wheelers it would be up to ₹1000 and price varies as per the category. But if you already have High-Security Number Plate installed, you can apply for the colour coded sticker. 

From Where You Can Ask For Installation?

There is a portal dedicated to this, you can visit the website and get the HSRP done. It will assist all the registered vehicles in the assigned states. Enter the required details such as vehicle type, make & model, brand, state of registration, mention if private or commercial, fuel type, engine number, chassis number, Bharat stage, owner name, billing address, phone number, delivery detail, dealer information on the website and then book an appointment at the nearest dealership. When the appointment date comes, you can get it installed by the dealership. You can also get it by visiting your region’s RTO-Reginal transport office. For your vehicle safety, you must opt for a high-security registration plate. 

How Much Fine Do You Have To Pay When Caught Without High-Security Registration Plate?

As per the charges and fines, if you come from the region where HSRP is being followed. You have to pay a fine of about ₹5500 if liable for the offence levied by the transport department which is the same for applicable states. However, you must not make yourself liable to pay fines by following high-security registration plates in your region. 

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Role Of Government In High-Security Registration Plate Introduction

The aim of introducing HSRP by the government is to notify the standard and specifications of high-security registration plates. Also, to notify the testing agencies who perform plate testing and provide approval to vendors on various specifications. And, to notify the date of implementation and the scheme according to the rules outlined by the government. To select the vendors from among those who have been given type approval certificate by the authorized testing agencies under central motor vehicle rules, 1989. 

What Are The Reasons For Applying HSRP?

The old car number plates are quite easy to tamper and can be taken out or switched easily. A stolen vehicle can be replaced easily making it difficult to track. And, to avoid these issues HSRP is asked to be installed for the vehicles. 

With the help of the HSRP vehicles details including engine number, chassis number are stored in a centralized database. And, to identify the details the 10 digit PIN is given. 

The HSRPs are only issued once by providing essential details fixed by state authority and automobile dealership.   In final words, now you have a brief idea about HSRP – High-Security Registration Plates and its usage with benefits. Therefore, if you fall into such an area or region where HSRP is mandated by the government you must follow the rule.

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