Monsoon is awesome, isn’t it? The raindrop falls on you give amazing feeling and you love it right? But somehow your car doesn’t like to get wet. Monsoon is quite a tough time for vehicles. When your car gets exposed to severe situations like waterlogging, heavy rainfall and gusty wind, it affects your car badly. The constant bombardment of rain can cause rust and corrosion that can ultimately destruct the car’s outshine as well as internal machinery like car engine. And, that’s the reason you need to make your car monsoon ready to keep it safe and shiny.

Try out these monsoon care tips and keep your car monsoon ready – 

  • Car Insurance: The first and foremost thing that can protect your car is none other than the car insurance policy.  Heavy monsoon can damage your car which leads to highly money loss. Car Insurance supports you financially in case you face any destruction. You can easily file a claim to the insurer for further repairing process.
  • Keep Your Car Exterior Dry & Clean: Car’s exterior needs to be clean specifically in monsoon because of frequent rain all around. You must clean the accumulated dust in and outside of your car. Fix a particular time when you can properly wipe the interior before you go out as well as after you come back to your home. It is important to keep the car’s interior dry and clean. 
  • Keep Your Car Bonnet and Boot Clean: The way you get ready before you step out, your car also needs some touch up on a regular basis. In monsoon, you should keep your car’s bonnet and boot clean. A car full of dust can occur difficulty while driving as it can jam it.  
  • Use Car Fragrance to Avoid Monsoon Musty Smell: Monsoon creates smells like decaying which is something we don’t want to smell. Generally, our car gets trapped in such a smelly cabin because of rain. So, here you have to be little alert about the cleanliness with a good fragrance. You can buy a car purifier to eliminate such monsoon odor. 
  • Use High-Quality Tire: Save your car’s tire from getting bumpy on the muddy road. There may some incident happen when your car gets skid on the wet road that can cause a severe accident. Here you have to take some precaution before any serious issue takes place. This is the reason you should use friction free tire. 
  • Don’t be Lousy, Keep Your Car Under Regular Servicing: Maintenance is important for every machinery and your car need it. Like, for the fluid check-up that keeps your engine lubricated and smooth in any weather condition. 
  • Maintain the Temperature: Temperature change can make the car windscreen blur or frosty from outside. It is important to regulate the temperature inside. 
  • Check the Brakes: Keep a check for scratch and rust if your car has disc brakes. Brakes need to be in proper condition all the time as malfunctioning of the brakes can cause a serious accident. Therefore, keep up your eyes on brakes functioning as well. 
  • A Toolkit is Important to Carry: Always carry the toolkit in your car that will help to rectify minor breakage. Imagine that your car suddenly stops on a highway and there is no mechanics. What will you do? On the other hand, if you had it, you don’t have to wait for any mechanic. 

So, get some time from your busy schedule and give a little attention to your beloved car and prepare it to face the monsoon without making it problematic for your car.