Chatbot importance for business

Chatbots – the talking point of the business world

We are living in an era where customers are tech- savvy, always connected to social platforms through their smart mobile devices. This new generation of customers expects intuitive and seamless customer experience from the brands they engage with. They demand near real time response to their queries and expect more personalized recommendations from the brand.
To satisfy these customer demands and to address the increasing competition in the business space, more brands businesses are turning their focus to build chatbots or virtual agents that can manage customer queries round the clock without any delay.
The arrival of chatbots has opened up new realms of the customer engagement and new ways of doing business in the form of conversational commerce. It is one of the most useful technologies that businesses can rely on, possibly replacing the traditional models and making apps and websites redundant.
In fact, chatbots engage their customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right information in a cost-efficient way. It acts as a human face of the brand where customers can build trust and empathy.
Certain communication tasks always require a human touch: marketing, PR, sales, more advanced customer services like Insurance, and so forth. As modern Chatbots are capable of understanding conversational phrasing, and are programmed to actively learn from previous conversations, SGI has introduced a Chatbot to offer 24×7 services to its demanding customers.

The Chatbot will
• Be able to engage with the customers in a natural and friendly manner
• Easy to interact using a simpler interface
• able to interact through familiar platforms like Facebook chat
• have the capability to outperform humans with the speed of handling customer queries
• Improve efficiency with round the clock customer service