Which Parts Get Covered in Car Insurance After an Accident?


14 February,2023


15 February,2024

parts covered in car insurance

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    A car insurance policy acts as a safeguard for policy holders against legal penalties and various unforeseen accidents. It’s wise to know about the coverage provided by the purchased four-wheeler insurance to avoid sudden shocks during a claim. This blog draws a better understanding on four-wheeler insurance coverages, add-on covers, inclusions, exclusions and benefits of the Shriram Car Insurance policy.


    Car insurance coverage depends on the insurance policy purchased by the policy holder. According to Section 146 of the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every vehicle owner must purchase Third-Party four-wheeler insurance. There are 3 important coverages provided by Shriram Car Insurance. It includes Third-Party insurance, Own Damage insurance and a Comprehensive Insurance policy. Along with the three major insurance coverages, one can also get required add-ons at a nominal additional premium for all-round protection.


    Shriram Car Insurance Coverages

    There are three types of four-wheeler insurance coverage provided by Shriram Car Insurance. Third-Party (TP), Own-Damage (OD) and Comprehensive insurance coverage. Third-Party insurance protects the policy holder against any third-party liabilities, such as damages to the opponent’s bodily injury, property and vehicles during an accident. Third-Party vehicle insurance is always included with a Compulsory Personal Accident cover to protect the insured from accidents.


    An Own-Damage cover protects the policy holder and their vehicle against various accidents, natural and man-made disasters, etc. Purchasing an Own-Damage cover will act as a safety shield for the policy holders in terms of accidental emergencies. It is mandatory to purchase a Compulsory Personal Accident at a nominal additional cost for extensive protection.


    Comprehensive car insurance coverage offers the benefits of Third-Party and Own-Damage coverage. It gives all-round protection to the insured as a bundled four-wheeler insurance policy. One can also purchase add-ons to enhance the coverage of the purchased policy.


    Insurance Add-on Covers

    In addition to the available coverages, Shriram General Insurance offers a wide range of car insurance add-on covers to provide holistic protection for the insured vehicle. One can purchase the add-on covers as per the requirements along with the standard insurance policy. The add-on covers are not included under a comprehensive insurance policy. The add-ons are to be purchased separately to add value to the four wheeler insurance.


    An add-on cannot be purchased as a single policy. It should always be accompanied by Own Damage (OD) four wheeler insurance and a Comprehensive insurance policy. Shriram General Insurance offers the following add-ons for enhanced vehicle protection.


    Zero Depreciation

    As vehicles get depreciated over time, having a zero depreciation cover will help the insured handle the depreciation cost at the time of policy claims. The depreciation costs of certain spare parts of the vehicle are covered under this cover. Vehicle parts such as tyres, rubber, engines and consumables are not covered under zero depreciation cover.


    Engine Protection

    A vehicle's engine is considered to be the "heart of the vehicle.” An unexpected accident or any other natural calamity will damage the vehicle’s engine. The policy holder has to spend a lot to recover the damaged engine. Hence, an engine protection cover plays a significant role by providing exclusive protection against the engine.


    Roadside Assistance

    A vehicle might get a breakdown, puncture or any sudden repair on the roads, such scenarios will put the policy holder under financial and emotional pressure. A roadside assistance cover will provide the necessary support, such as towing of the vehicle, refueling and small repairs to make the insured’s to continue their journey in peace.


    What’s covered in Shriram Car Insurance?

    • If a policy holder purchased an Own-Damage policy, the insurance provides coverage for natural and man-made disasters.
    • Third-Party coverage provides extensive protection for third-party liabilities such as the opponent’s bodily injury, vehicle and property damages.
    • Third-party property damage includes compensation of Rs. 7,50,000 and third-party injury compensation as per the court's orders.

    What’s not covered in Shriram Car Insurance?

    • Accidents due to the wilful negligence of the policy holder cannot be claimed under Shriram Car Insurance
    • Driving without a valid driving license will make the policy claims nullified.
    • Accidents due to intoxication by drugs, alcohol, etc.
    • Consequential losses will not be covered in this four-wheeler insurance policy.
    • Damages due to war, terrorism, military acts and other related activities are not covered.

    Benefits of Shriram Car Insurance

    • As it is mandatory by law (Motor Vehicles Act, 1988), the policy holder can avoid legal penalties.
    • A quick and easy online application process to avail yourself of a four-wheeler insurance policy in minutes.
    • Fast claim settlements at the time of emergencies.
    • A digital-friendly process where purchasing, renewing and claiming four-wheeler insurance is made simple.

    Comprehensive Car Insurance for All-round Protection

    Purchasing a Shriram Comprehensive Car Insurance policy online is a wise option to protect your vehicle from any immediate third-party and own-damage liabilities. Provide extensive coverage to the vehicle against various damages with comprehensive insurance coverage.


    Key Highlights

    • Shriram General Insurance offers three types of car insurance coverages: Third-Party, Own-Damage and Comprehensive insurance coverages.
    • Along with a standard four-wheeler insurance policy, one can purchase additional covers to enhance the protection of four-wheeler insurance.
    • A comprehensive insurance policy covers third-party liabilities and Own-Damage liabilities as a bundled policy.
    • Shriram Car Insurance policy offers a quick and simple online application process for purchasing, renewing and claiming the policy.


    1. What is a Third-Party (TP) car insurance policy?

    A Third-Party (TP) four-wheeler insurance policy provides coverage against third-party liabilities such as damages caused to a third party vehicle owner, vehicle and property damages.


    2. Does four-wheeler insurance cover the front windshield?

    Yes, a comprehensive insurance policy covers damages caused to the windshield due to natural calamities such as rain, floods, storms, etc. It also covers damages against man-made disasters like fire, strikes, riots, vandalism and so on. But Third-Party four-wheeler insurance does not cover the windshield of the car.


    3. Does four-wheeler insurance cover riots?

    Yes, Own-Damage coverage protects against damages due to man-made disasters such as strikes, riots, malicious acts, etc.


    4. Is the bumper covered by four-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, Own-Damage insurance and Comprehensive insurance cover the bumper of your vehicle.


    5. What is the difference between own damage and third-party damage cover?

    An Own-Damage policy covers damages/losses to the policy holder (owner-driver) and their vehicle during an accident. Third-Party coverage protects the policy holder against various third-party liabilities (damages to the opponent vehicle owner/vehicle/property).


    Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

    Save up-to 85% off on your Car Insurance

    Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

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