Police Verification Process for Passports in India


01 April,2024


01 April,2024

police checking passport for verification in India

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    Getting an Indian passport is an important step for eligible citizens, facilitated by the Ministry of External Affairs. Throughout the application journey, individuals navigate the bureaucratic channels of both the Ministry's Passport and Visa Division and the Consular's Passport Seva Division.


    Having an Indian passport opens up global travel opportunities for both leisure and business, with many countries offering visa exemptions. A critical phase in obtaining the passport involves the passport police verification. During this step, local law enforcement inspects the provided address to validate the application.


    Police Verification for Passport: An Overview

    The goal of police clearance for passports is to ensure the individual's identity and evidence of address. Usually, the police verification method for passports includes a visit from an officer from the nearest police station who performs the procedure.


    The passport police verification process varies depending on your place of residence. The method may also differ according to the applicant's circumstances. For example, if one needs to go through police verification to renew a passport or undergo police verification to get a Tatkal passport.


    For a new passport application, a police officer is typically dispatched to the location to verify the information submitted into your passport application form. To complete the verification procedure, you may be asked to produce the required papers. To expedite the passport police verification process, check the Passport Seva official website and look out for the nearest police station.


    What Are the Different Types of Police Verification?

    Generally, there are at present two types of passport police verification processes in India, namely:

    1. Pre-police verification: This is the verification carried out by the police station that covers the applicant's location. Here, the applicant's information is confirmed by the appropriate police officer. Information might include residence, age, name, and so on.


    2. Post-police verification: The post-police examination for passports occurs after the passport has been granted to the individual. This is normally the police authentication for a Tatkal passport.


    If the passport renewal request is submitted before the existing passport expires, police clearance for the passport is not required. In most circumstances, pre-police authentication is a required step in getting your passport.


    What Are the Steps in Police Verification for a Passport

    Generally, the passport police verification procedure begins when the passport authority contacts the appropriate police station. However, candidates can file for police verification themselves by going to the official Passport Seva website.


    Below are the steps to apply for police verification for your passport online:

    • When you apply for a passport or a passport renewal, the passport department will delegate the process to your local police office.
    • Your local police station appoints officers to do physical police verification for passports. They will verify whether you live at the address listed on your passport.
    • The confirmation is forwarded to the Superintendent of Police Office.
    • The acknowledgement is then submitted to the Special Branch headquarters, which keeps all criminal histories.
    • If the Special Branch discovers a problem with your application, they forward the findings to the passport application office. The report indicates 'adverse' to indicate the same. If there are no suspicious reports, the Special Branch delivers a clear report to the passport application department.
    • Only after completing this process can the passport office proceed with your application.

    Once you have finished your registration, you must attend your Passport Seva Kendra on the scheduled day. Ensure that you have all of the necessary documentation for police clearance for your passport.


    What Are the Required Documents for Police Verification for a Passport?

    When you go to the passport department to apply, you must bring all documentation they may want. The essential list is as follows:

    • Date of birth proof: This could be a birth certificate or your elementary or high school graduation certificate.
    • Address Proof: This could include your phone, energy, or water bill. Your ration card is also valid. You can see a list of other documents that fall within this category on their official website.
    • Identity proofs: This includes the Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driver's Licence, Voter ID Card, and LIC bonds.

    How Do You Apply for Online Police Verification for a Passport?

    Don't want to wait for the passport authorities to initiate a police verification inquiry for you? You can also request it yourself. The steps are as follows.

    • Visit the passport authority's official portal.
    • Select the 'Register Now' option on the screen.
    • After completing the signup process, log in using your ID.
    • When you click the "Apply for Police Clearance Certificate" button, a form appears.
    • Fill out the form with all the correct details.
    • To initiate a payment, click "Pay and Schedule Appointment."
    • You will arrive at the payment page. To continue, pay the police verification charges on your passport.
    • When you click on the "Print Application Receipt" option, you will be assigned an application identification number.

    Different Application Statuses and Their Meanings

    After applying, you can monitor the status on the official application site. Passport police verification falls into three categories. They are as follows.

    • Clear:When all of your information is reviewed and authorised. It includes police officers, the Superintendent of Police, and the Special Branch. It shows that the applicant's criminal history is clean.
    • Adverse:If the police or Special Branch discovers any suspicious reports, they mark the application as 'Adverse'. This could result in the application being withheld or cancelled.
    • Incomplete: If the police fail to finish the report, your application status may indicate 'Incomplete'. The police may need clarification about your residential details.

    Bottom Line

    The process for passport police verification, whether new or renewed, is critical. It is mandatory, except for a few specific instances, as previously discussed. Make sure you've provided precise details. Once you have your passport and plan to travel abroad, you should obtain international travel insurance.



    1. Do you need to pay for the verification process?

    No, the process for police clearance for a passport is a completely free-of-cost process. This is because police verification is part of the whole passport verification process.


    2. Will I get a notification beforehand?

    Yes, usually, you will receive a text message or E-mail from the passport department regarding the verification appointment.


    3. What if I miss the police verification process?

    If by any chance you miss the verification process, you can contact the nearest police station immediately and ask them for a follow-up visit at the next scheduled time.

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    Explore the world with confidence - protect yourself with Shriram Travel Insurance

    Explore the world with confidence - protect yourself with Shriram Travel Insurance

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