How to Renew My Car Insurance Online in India?


05 January,2023


03 June,2024

How to Renew My Car Insurance Online


Why is Renewal of Car Insurance Needed?

Renewing your Car Insurance will provide coverage to your vehicle, and there are also other reasons to get your car insured.


Protects your vehicle

When you have a Car Insurance that caters to your needs, it will protect your car against theft, accidental damage and third-party liability. So to enjoy continued protection, it is important to renew your Car Insurance.


Coverage for Liability

You can be the safest driver, but not everyone can be a safe driver. Sometimes, mistakes can occur on roads while driving, which can have a significant effect. During such situations, Car Insurance will help you avoid any financial loss.


Legal requirement

Most Indian states require Car Insurance if you drive. So it is important to renew your policy and adhere to the rules and regulations of the city. Failing to renew your Car Insurance can lead to legal action.


Uninterrupted coverage

By renewing your Car Insurance, you can enjoy continued protection from liabilities like accident, theft and calamities.


Modifications in your policy document

If you want to alter your coverage or switch to another Insurance Company, this can be the perfect time to do it. You can also opt for add-ons that you think will give you full coverage.


Documents Required for Online Car Insurance Renewal

While renewing your Car Insurance Online it is important to furbish certain documents. However, if you are renewing your Shriram Car Insurance, the insurer will already have the required documents during the time of purchase.

Some of the documents required during the time of renewal are listed below.

  • Details of Car Manufacturer & Model

  • Registration Number

  • Year of Manufacture

  • Previous Insurance Policy

  • Change of Ownership Documents (if applicable)

Step-By-Step Guide to Renewing Car Insurance Online

Keeping track of your Car Insurance renewal date is important, as it will help you avoid paying a hefty fine if you are caught off-handed without an active policy. Additionally, if your insurance expires and you have to start from scratch to get a new policy, you can miss out on your no-claim bonus.


Whether you're purchasing or renewing Car Insurance, Shriram General Insurance makes your purchase hassle-free. Here are the steps to follow to renew your Car Insurance online.


Step 1: Visit the Shriram Car Insurance website on and enter the details like the Car Insurance expiration date and the ongoing policy number.


Step 2: After entering the required information, select the new coverage that will fit your requirement along with your add-ons. Confirm your new selection and then it will lead you to the details of your renewed new policy.


Step 3: The final step will be to make the online payment and done. Your Car Insurance is renewed.


Common Mistakes to Avoid During Online Car Insurance Renewal

Renewing your Car Insurance is important as it will give your car a shield of protection, and you can also drive confidently knowing that you are insured. So here are some tips to avoid mistakes while renewing your Car Insurance.


1. Compare policies

Compare the insurance policies that is offered between various insurance providers. Research online and then go for the insurance provider that best suits your needs. This will help you get the best deal in terms of price, coverage and other parameters.


2. Choose the required add-ons

Add-ons can help cater your needs and also provides extra coverage. Add-ons enhance your coverage at an extra cost. However, all add-ons cannot be chosen or ignored. Add-ons like Zero depreciation and Motor Protection cover can be beneficial. Motor Protection add-on is exclusively provided by Shriram Motor Insurance. So make sure you choose your add-ons depending on your budget and requirements.


3. Be transparent

Try to be transparent and furnish all the details when renewing your Car Insurance. If you aren’t transparent or try to hide some details it can lead to claim rejection.;


4. Don’t wait for the due date

Insurance companies tend to send out alerts about due dates for their upcoming renewal. Although we all tend to find this alert annoying, it is actually highly beneficial. Some of us have the habit of waiting for the last date to renew our insurance.


If you get such reminders, try to renew your insurance as soon as possible. In case, if you forget to renew your insurance, your car will no longer be protected. If you are held up with some accidents and don’t have an active Car Insurance, it can lead to legal actions like imprisonment.


5. Use your NCB points

No claim bonus comes into effect if you do not apply for any claims during your insurance tenure. So, insurance companies provide a reward for safe drivers who do not apply for any claims. The reward will be a discount in your Car Insurance premium, which you earned.


So when it’s time to renew your Car Insurance, make sure you check for no claim bonus points and then proceed further.



Renewing your Car Insurance can be done online in just a few steps. It is important to drive your vehicle safely. Having active insurance can help you drive with confidence, and in case you are involved in any accidents, it can help you with the legal requirements.


Additionally, Car Insurance can protect your car from any unforeseen events and accidental damage. While renewing your policy, remember to follow the steps and other things so that you will not miss out on your rewards and offers. After checking all the points, make payment through a secure channel and complete the renewal process successfully.



1. How many days before I can renew my Car Insurance?

It is good to renew your Car Insurance 60 days before expiration. Renewing your Car Insurance early helps you avoid last-minute hassles.


2. Is online Car Insurance valid?

Yes, online Car Insurance is valid. Additionally, make sure you download the policy document with a valid policy number. When you purchase or renew your policy online, the insurance provider will send a copy of the Car Insurance. Make sure you keep it safe, as it will be used for further communication.


3. Can I delay Car Insurance?

No, it is not recommended to delay your Car Insurance. According to Motor Vehicles Act, driving a car without an active Car Insurance is a punishable act, which can lead to fines. 

Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

Save up-to 85% off on your Car Insurance

Save up-to the 85% off on your car Insurance

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