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05 January,2023


29 February,2024


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    Riding with safety is important to protect the lives of people. Ignoring safety rules while driving may lead to life-threatening incidents. Road accidents are the most common problem in India. This is why road safety is of prime importance. With every passing hour, the number of vehicles increases on the roads. Therefore, to have traffic awareness, it’s vital importance for everyone.


    There are certain following conditions that affect road accidents – 


    This indicated the mental, physical and emotional balance of the driver whether they are fit in this category or not. Because the mental state can decide whether the driver can properly drive or not, One should be calm and patient not in anger or anxiety. 



    Vehicle condition is quite important to control the vehicle while driving. At the same time, it is important to see, and communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. If your vehicle is in good condition the chance of an accident can reduce. If something doesn’t work properly in the vehicle it can lead to some serious incident. 



    Most incidents take place at night time due to lack of light. Clear and bright light is needed for proper driving. Hence, adequate light is necessary for careful driving. Good light gives proper vision and vehicle control.



    Weather can affect driving too; bad weather can affect traction, visibility and vehicle control. Road surface gets slippery with rain, snow and ice. Also, high winds make steering movement difficult. 



    At the same time, road condition matters a lot for drivers. These can affect your ability to steer, stop and manoeuver. Weather can produce adverse road conditions. Also, condition changes from road to road such as the street road to the high expressway. 



    We all should follow traffic rules without a second thought and is applicable for vehicles and pedestrians too. More vehicles on road mean more chaos in the traffic and increase the chance of collision. Try to avoid going in traffic especially near shopping centres, sports arenas, factories or schools.


    Steps can be taken to improve Road Safety in India

    Always wear a seatbelt:

    Always fasten your seat belt when behind the wheel. It’s not at all difficult to be followed. Instead, it very important to be secured because driving without wearing a seat belt is against traffic rules. And, it can lead to serious injury. 


    Avoid distraction:

    It’s quite necessary to avoid distraction and focus on the road to avoid any mishappening. Whenever and wherever you drive your car makes sure you don’t distract your mind here and there without any reason. 


    Never drink & drive:

    Drink and drive is a serious issue in India as people don’t feel a sense of responsibility toward others on the road. Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to unexpected and severe accidents on the road. It is better to avoid driving a car when drunk instead let someone else drive it in a good condition. 


    Always be at the speed limit:

    Being at the speed limit is the prior thing you must focus on. Driving beyond the speed limit can lead to some unpleasant scenarios. So, to avoid such incidents it’s important to drive within the speed limit. It’s not only you whose life is at risk but the family behind you will suffer the same. 


    Maintain space from other vehicles:

    When driving makes sure you put a decent space from other vehicles on the road. Because a little mistake can lead to a serious accident and injured not only you but other vehicle’s passenger. Therefore, always drive calmly with proper distance. 


    Avoid phone while driving: The most common mistake people make is using their phones while driving. You must avoid a phone while driving. It can be very dangerous for you. The phone is the greatest distraction people ever have doing anything not only driving. 


    In final words, Whenever and wherever you drive your car make sure you follow all the safety measures. Think of safety when behind the wheel. Stay safe and make other people safe. When you are on the road driving a car you are entirely responsible for yourself as well as other people on the road. 

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