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What is Shriram All Risk Insurance?

Shriram All Risk Insurance policy broadly covers the policy holder against damages/losses caused by various natural and man-made disasters, such as fire, strikes, theft,  etc.

  • "All Risks" insurance covers any risk not explicitly excluded in the All Risk Insurance policy contract
  • The policy broadly covers loss or damage to insured property caused by any unforeseen incidents, anywhere within the insured geographical area (India or Worldwide)
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Why Choose Shriram All Risk Insurance?

  • Purchasing, renewing and filing claims can be done in minutes with Shriram General Insurance
  • A quick application process and minimal paperwork are required to purchase Shriram All Risk Insurance policy instantly
  • Our claim support team is available 24*7 to ensure swift resolution of claims
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Features of Shriram All Risk Insurance

Minimum Paperwork

An easy and quick application process

Comprehensive Coverage

All risk protection with exclusive add-ons

Quick Claim Process

Fast claim approvals with instant claim settlement

24*7 Claim Support

Customer service is available round-the-clock

Get your Shriram All Risk Insurance in 3 Simple Steps


Call our Toll-Free number

Call (1800-300-3000/1800-103-3009) to avail Shriram All Risk Insurance policy at your convenience and you will be guided by our dedicated customer support executives throughout the Shriram All Risk Insurance journey


Submit the required documents

Kindly submit the required documents - property details, sum insured, identity and address proof (Aadhaar Card, Passport) to proceed with the Shriram All Risk Insurance process


Complete the payment and get instant All Risk Insurance

Kindly complete the payment by selecting the preferred payment method (Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Cheque) and get Shriram All Risk Insurance instantly

Benefits of Shriram All Risk Insurance

  • Easy application process with minimal documentation
  • Comprehensive protection with all risk coverage
  • Timely claim settlement
  • 24*7 claim support at your disposal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Shriram All Risk Insurance cost?

The cost of Shriram All Risk Insurance depends on the total coverage obtained by the insured at the time of policy purchase

Shriram All Risk Insurance policy covers the policy holder against damages and losses caused by various risks such as fire, strikes, theft, terrorism, etc.

  • What is Covered?
  • What is not Covered?

Damage to insured property by fire, riot, strike, theft, accident, etc.


Any damage arising from an unforeseen cause to portable equipment while in storage or use


Any firms, companies, shops or individuals who are engaged in commercial activity and who provide portable equipment to their employees for official purposes


Individuals whose portable equipment such as laptops, mobile, cameras and items of similar nature are exposed to losses due to any unforeseen accident can be covered under this policy


Damage caused by any process of cleaning, dyeing or bleaching, restoring, repairing, renovation, wear & tear, moths, vermin, insects, etc.


Breakage, cracking or scratching of crockery, glass, cameras, binoculars, lenses, curios, pictures, musical instruments and sports gear unless caused by fire or accidents


Loss or damage caused by the mechanical or electrical breakdown of any article unless caused by accidental external means


Over winding, denting or internal damage to watches and clocks


Loss or damage to money, securities, manuscripts, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes, stocks, share certificates, stamps and travel tickets, business books/documents


Loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from war, war-like operations, the acts of a foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion, military, etc.


Any loss or damage arising from delay, detention or confiscation by customs or other authorities.


Any loss, destruction or damage to any property arising from ionising, radiation or contamination by radioactivity/nuclear materials from any source


Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the special condition 'Articles in Pairs or Sets' work?

The insurance company’s liability shall not exceed the value of any loss/damage to a particular part of an insured article or a proportionate part of the article's insured value

Key Features of Shriram All Risk Insurance

Comprehensive Coverage

  • All-in-one protection with an extensive coverage option

Minimum Documentation

  • Quick and easy application process for a stress-free insurance journey

Claim Settlement

  • Superfast claim approval for a timely claim settlement

24*7 Claim Support

  • Get your query resolved round-the-clock with SGI

Comprehensive Coverage

  • All-in-one protection with an extensive coverage option

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a deductible/excess?

A deductible/excess is the amount of the claim that is to be borne by the insured. There are two types of deductibles namely, voluntary deductible and compulsory deductible

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage provides cover against all insured losses except those specifically excluded from the issued policy


The term endorsement refers to a contract modification made by the insurer on behalf of the policy holder

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a claim settlement?

The process by which an insurer compensates a policy holder for an insured loss is called a claim settlement


Shriram General Insurance’s claim intimation process is easy and hassle-free. Intimate a claim, submit the required documents and get a timely claim settlement

How to Register Shriram All Risk Insurance Claim?

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Intimate your Claim

  • Intimate a claim via our Toll-Free number 1800-300-30000/1800-103-3009 or Please download CLAIM INTIMATION, fill it out and send it to our Help Desk via Email ID (chd@shriramgi.com)

  • Note: Please ensure that the following information is available to you at the time of the claim intimation

    • Policy Number/Proposal Number
    • Date and Time of the Accident
    • Survey location, where our loss assessor can survey the damages
    • Estimated loss/description

Claim Registration

Our customer support team will accept the claim intimation and provide the claim reference number

Claim Confirmation

A Once the claim is registered and the loss assessor gets deputed, one will receive a text message for confirmation along with surveyor details. The surveyor will contact the policy holder regarding the time and conduct the survey accordingly

Submission of Required Documents

Please provide the REQUIRED DOCUMENTS mentioned to proceed further

Survey and Claim Settlement

  • After receiving the documents, our dedicated survey team will initiate the process. Once the survey is done, the funds will be directly sent to the recipient after verification
  • Note: Kindly contact our CHD /Surveyor when the property is ready for re-inspection if the surveyor advised re-inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

How to intimate Shriram All Risk Insurance claim?

Intimate a claim via our Toll-Free number 1800-300-30000/1800-103-3009 or Please download the CLAIM INTIMATION, fill it out and send it to our Help Desk via Email ID (chd@shriramgi.com)


What is voluntary excess or voluntary deductible?

Every time a claim is made, the policy holder agrees to pay an amount as a voluntary excess in addition to the compulsory excess. By agreeing to a voluntary excess, the policy holder can gain discounts on their insurance premiums

What does Shriram All Risk Insurance policy cover?

The policy is extended to cover all risks, including theft and terrorism. However, theft & terrorism can be excluded from the scope of cover to avail discount:

  • Terrorism: 10%
  • Theft: 20%
  • Home (Building + Contents) Cover

What is the sum insured?

Sum insured refers to the maximum amount paid to an insured in the event of a claim

What are the benefits of Shriram All Risk Insurance claim process?

  • Instant Claim Notifications
  • Quick Claim Approval
  • Easy Claims Procedure
  • Fast Claim Settlement
  • 24*7 Customer Support

What is a ‘Single Article Limit’?

Unless specifically stated, the insurer's liability in respect of each article or pair of articles shall not exceed 5% of the Total Sum Insured under this policy

What our customers say ?

Divyansh says,

Shriram General Insurance is the best travel insurance and i can confidently recommend.Truly the best online travel insurance site in India. Thanks to Shriram General Insurance !.

Vidit says,

Shriram General Insurance has a very encouraging overseas travel insurance program for us. Overall it's very nice

Malik says,

I had some doubts when reading the terms and conditions of my travel insurance. I called the Shriram General Insurance helpline and they cleared up most of my doubts.

Prakash says,

SGI Health Insurance currently administers my health insurance policy. I still have a bonus and there hasn't been a claim. This insurance covers all hospitals for cashless payments. Customer support is excellent.

Apeksha says,

This group health insurance policy, which has a Rs. coverage amount, was obtained from Shriram General Insurance. They have connections with several hospitals and also offer cashless medical care.

Ashwin says,

“I am satisfied with Health insurance claim service” Got my Health  insurance policy claim. Thanks a lot for quick response. Great customer satisfaction policy

Chiranjeev says,

My Commercial Vehicle Insurance is the best. These are very good, helpful and wonderful people. I am pleased to join Shriram General Insurance commercial vehicle insurance plan.

Purushottam says,

For commercial vehicle insurance, I can suggest Shriram General Insurance with confidence. I'm relieved that my vehicle is now protected and secure, I appreciate Shriram General Insurance!

Santram says,

Shriram General Insurance provides me with a commercial vehicle insurance policy that fully protects the vehicle for a comparatively small outlay of money. Excellent customer satisfaction policy, I'm pleased!

Amritlal says,

After taking into account all other plans available, I decided to go with Shriram General Insurance for my personal insurance policy. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my claim and the amount of time and accuracy put into it.

Meghna says,

Taken the personal insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance company around 5 years ago. My colleague is suggested me to take the policy from here. The claim ratio is more compared to others. This was taken for my family benefits and customer service is good. Thank you SGI!!

Mohan says,

Five years ago, I chose to invest in a personal insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance Company after being recommended by a colleague. They had one of the best claim ratios and the customer service is great. Taking out this policy has benefited my family immensely and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Shriram General Insurance for their excellent services.

Akanksha says,

I recently took out a home insurance policy with Shriram General Insurance and it covers me if there is any destruction to my property due to natural disasters such as earthquakes. I am very pleased with their customer service and quick response times. This gives me peace of mind knowing that I have this policy in place.

Raveena says,

After consulting with many people, I chose to purchase my home insurance from Shriram General Insurance. The experience was quite pleasing & I am glad that I went with them as their policy has proven to be very satisfactory.

Tejas says,

Securing my future by taking home insurance from Shriram General Insurance was a great decision. Not only did I get protection from natural and man-made calamities, but the service provided was also excellent.

Shubham says,

The add-on covers on my policy were extremely helpful. I got my claim easily and also reserved my NCB.And Shriram has made it so easy to renew any policy online without any tussle, trouble.thank you Shriram General Insurance!

Amandeep says,

Shriram General Insurance Co. Ltd is a trustworthy partner to me. They have a sincere and genuine approach towards settling claims, which I highly appreciate and value. They made it easier for me to manage through the tough times.

Satyaprakash says,

Shriram General Insurance truly stands out with the great service they provide – claims are processed quickly and effortlessly. I am very appreciative of their support! The quick and stress-free claim process made life easier for me during a trying time.

Shakeel says,

Shriram General Insurance really offer affordable two wheeler insurance premium. When my bike was damaged in an accident, I was stressed out but their two wheeler insurance executive took care of the situation quickly & efficiently. Thanks to Shriram General Insurance!

Samantha says,

I recently got a two-wheeler insurance policy from Shriram General Insurance and had a great experience. The website was incredibly user-friendly and all the relevant information was easily accessible. I'm glad my two-wheeler is safe and secure now - thank you Shriram General Insurance!

Vandana says,

My friend working for Shriram General Insurance suggested I take out a two-wheeler insurance policy from them. I've been renewing it before its expiry ever since and have been pleased with the service.I recently visited their branch and decided to renew my policy with them. The reason I chose them was because they provide first-party insurance with utmost claim amounts, plus this policy includes bumper to bumper coverage.

Chetan says,

I was thoroughly satisfied with my decision to get car insurance from Shriram General Insurance. Not only did I find their rates quite reasonable, but the policy coverage was also adequate. I am especially impressed with how efficiently and smoothly they handled my claims.

Ankit says,

I can confidently recommend Shriram General Insurance for car insurance as I have been a loyal customer for the last 5 years. Their claims process is very efficient and they respond swiftly to their customers in comparison to the other providers.

Rahul says,

I recently switched to Shriram General Insurance for my car insurance and I'm glad I did. The customer service is great, and the policy was issued instantly. I am Very impressed with their services!
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