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Traveling abroad and hassle-free is the real and worth journey ever. Therefore it is advisable to re-think before planning an overseas travel destination. Traveling is fun, but a single mistake can ruin the whole trip of yours. What important is, to protect your international journey till it ends. If you are on an international trip you need to secure it with Overseas Travel Insurance policy for overall safety. Shriram General Insurance offers a wide range of abroad traveling. While traveling abroad, your safety should be on the priority that's the reason buying overseas travel insurance is important. Still, before buying travel insurance you should go for proper research like overseas travel insurance comparison. It will help in getting to the right insurance offer online. During a trip, it is quite common and susceptible to unfortunate damage or loss. Here at Shriram general insurance, there are different insurance offers with a different scheme for valuable customers. With the insurance assurance, you can lead your trip safe and peace of mind. Hence you can buy travel insurance by the time you plan for a trip whether online or offline

What is Overseas Travel Insurance ?

Overseas travel insurance is like a strong protective shield for the entire trip scheduled. Overseas Travel Insurance comparison is one of the important steps you should choose. As comparing various international travel plans will help you get the right kind of travel insurance for abroad i.e. worth buying. International travel insurance is intended to cover the medical expense, Cashless hospitalization worldwide, Daily allowance in case of hospitalization, Trip Cancellation & Interruption, Travel Delay, Loss of Passport, Total Loss of Checked in Baggage and more that you can cover. These are the covers you can get at the time of buying travel insurance when traveling abroad. Even there are other covers too travelers can avail with different criteria as per the guidelines of insurer or policymakers. At the time of trip booking only you can buy Shriram travel insurance policy to cover the entire trip. The issuers' of credit card also offer automatic travel insurance only when you are paying for the trip using a credit card. Well, you can use it as an option, but that needs extra care and attention. Therefore opting for authentic and reputed insurance company should always be preferable. Also, focus on the exclusions, exceptions, and limits applies.    

Why Overseas Travel Insurance is necessary to buy ?

Financial Assistance and Safety are the core reasons to buy travel insurance. There is uncertainty in every step of life you go through. Therefore, it is important to be prepared at every moment you are going anywhere. Especially when you are traveling abroad you have to be prepared to tackle uncertainty. Buying overseas travel insurance is always a wise decision for a responsible traveler like you. While traveling abroad there are numerable eventualities which might strike you. And, the probability increases when you travel overseas. Uncertainties not only cause inconvenience but the financial losses also. And, to curb the financial losses insurance assurance is needed. That's the reason it is necessary to buy overseas travel insurance when you go international. There are so many people who are actually confused regarding these travel insurance schemes. We can say they don't feel such importance because they don't have the product knowledge. Nowadays, buying a travel insurance policy is quite an easy process. You just have to visit various insurer's sites for the comparison of best deal and go with the buying process. In case of any confusion or issue you travelers can also consult to the support team as they are available.  

How Overseas Travel Insurance cover and what are the coverages available ?

Medical Expenses Cover:Health issues can occur at any time without knocking the door. The change in environment and atmosphere can lead to various health problems. Hence, medical expense coverage is important for your emergency back. The cover is here to protect you from unseen medical expenses in case you fall ill. The cover available with international travel insurance helps saves you from any medical emergency when you are abroad.     

Cashless hospitalization worldwide: Cashless hospitalization worldwide, one of the covers you can avail in travel insurance policy. It is not possible to carry a bundle of cash everywhere and specially when you are on an international tour. In case if you get indulged in the medical affair and you don't have the cash to pay. Their Cashless hospitalization worldwide helps at the right time. Hence, it is advisable to buy cashless hospitalization cover in the package of travel insurance abroad.     

Daily allowance in case of hospitalization:The trauma you face because of increased financial burden during hospitalization, Daily allowance in case of hospitalization travel insurance cover by Shriram protects you and your family. The policy contains a daily benefit amount to take care of the incidental expenses till the time you are staying in the hospital. The benefit of this cover can be taken for your spouse as well as children. The different insurer has different criteria for travel insurance cover. It is important to make a checklist for all.     

Dental Treatment: A simple toothache can ruin your trip, the taste of food and so many other things. Going to see a dentist when you are abroad can be a highly expensive affair for you. And, that's the point when you feel international travel insurance is a need. The treatment can badly affect the trip. The cost of a dental emergency can be covered by travel dental emergency. If you experience a chip or tooth break you can consult a dentist and under the privilege of travel insurance abroad, your treatment cost will be low of course. Shriram travel insurance covers emergency dental treatment for travelers.     

Total Loss of Checked in Baggage: Overseas travel insurance with total loss of checked in baggage cover provides reimbursement for the stolen or missing luggage and any other item when you are traveling. There is a high possibility of losing luggage at the time of traveling abroad. Therefore, it is important to buy overseas travel insurance to keep yourself on the safe side from emergencies including total loss of checked in baggage. As per the terms and conditions of the policy, the insurer will compensate accordingly.     

Loss of Passport: Carrying important legal documents is quite risky, but mandatory at the same time. And, loss of passport can be a real disaster for your planned and desired trip. To make your claim process smooth, you need to follow the rules listed in the plan. Overseas travel insurance saves you from the problem and issues related to passport loss. You may get the reimbursement for passport replacing.     

Personal Liability: Personal liability is such a benefit to be paid to cover expenses due to injury to third person or any damage to third party property. So, in case if any mishappenings occur, the damage will be covered according to the policy terms and conditions of international travel insurance.     

Personal Accident:One of the important coverages you must need to have with you while going on a trip abroad. Personal Accident is actually permanent or partial disablement with loss of limbs, loss of sight and hearing power. Therefore, it is quite necessary to avail personal accident insurance with overseas travel insurance cover which will save you from the financial burden at the time of treatment.     

Hijack Distress Allowance:Overseas travel insurance assures your security during the trip from start to end. The hijacking of a plane happens quite rare but with high risk. And, this leads to the protection of insured by compensating accordingly in case of hijack of air or sea common carrier for more than 12 hours. You can easily buy travel insurance abroad from any of the trusted insurance companies in India.     

Financial Emergency Assistance:Financial emergency can be occured at anytime when on an international trip. You might get currency exchange difficulties, there in the complete strange country. To cope with such distress situation Shriramgi overseas travel insurance is always up to provide financial compensation if an emergency causes. The loss can be stemming from medical bills, loss of personal belongings or baggage, and other emergencies. Filing for a claim in this situation is quite simplified. Notify police within 24 hrs with a written statement. Then, quick register a claim with the insurer along with the required documents like passport, police report and other as per the requirement. In every aspect of safety while traveling, overseas travel insurance should be a necessary part of yours.     

Trip Cancellation & Interruption:Overseas travel insurance covers you up from trip cancellation & interruption and saves you from a long list of glitches, hitches, and other complications that can mess up all your travel plans. The cover reimburses in a situation that could force you to cancel your trip before you depart. In this situation, trip cancellation and interruption cover reimburse your financial loss.     

What are the exclusions you need to know ?

Existing Medical treatment:If you are traveling abroad for obtaining medical treatment of existing illness, you are not eligible for Shriram overseas travel insurance. In case of having a pre-existing medical condition and you haven't informed your insurance provider then you are already violating the norms. Be honest and upfront at the time of purchasing a policy.     

Criminal Intent:Any breach of law with criminal intent is not allowed while overseas travel insurance policy purchasing. This is one of the exclusions in our insurance listing which is strictly prohibited. Therefore any of the criminal act is not entertained in anyways.     

Use of alcohol:Abuse of intoxicants or hallucinogens including drugs and alcohol. Intaking of alcohol is illegal that's the reason any insurance company will not tolerate such kind of unethical behavior. Indulging in such activities like drinking, taking drugs, can lead to claim rejection. Your reckless behavior is enough to exclude your eligibility from buying overseas travel insurance. Not only travel insurance, but if you have purchased two wheeler insurance also you will not be able to cover yourself if you have taken alcohol.     

Self-inflicted injury:Self-inflicted injury suicide or attempted suicide like self-harming activities are not allowed. If you have such intentions at the time of buying travel insurance, you are misleading yourself. These kind of activities are not strictly prohibited in international travel insurance policy of Shriram.     

Pregnancy, childbirth and its complications:You are not eligible to buy international travel insurance for trips abroad in case of pregnancy or childbirth complications. You will be excluded from the travel insurance criteria. These situations lead to various complications and sometimes the situation can go out of control.     

HIV/ AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases:If a person is suffering from diseases like HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted disease he or she is not allowed to avail the mentioned coverage in travel insurance. Therefore, it is highly advisable to the people to be transparent in front of the insurer.     

Extensions in Overseas Travel Insurance -

Nowadays most of the travelers prefer Overseas Travel Insurance for a safe journey from start till the end. The Overseas Travel Insurance covers your trip with medical expenses, dental treatment, financial emergency, loss of baggage, trip delay and more. Also, during the trip, it might happen that you may extend the days. In this situation, insurers are there to help accordingly as per the terms and conditions.

Extension under the plan shall be provided, subject to the following:

1) The original policy period has not expired:The extension policy is viable until and unless the policy is not expired. This means if a traveler wants to extend his/her trip it should be done within the tenure. As the original policy is the main authentication of travel insurance.     

2) There is no claim on the original policy:One more thing traveler should keep in mind for extending his/her trip. There should not be a single claim during the policy period otherwise you will be not able to ask for the extension.     

3) Declaration of good health:Before you buy travel insurance always be transparent to the insurer about your health especially. Because any hidden health issue can ruin as well as violet the same. Therefore, the insurance company from where you are buying an overseas travel insurance policy need to have complete details about you.     

4) Extension in days not to exceed 180 days::There is some limitation of days that need to be taken into consideration. You cannot extend your days more than 180 as per the criteria being created by the insurer. Hence it is important to get informed about each and every terms and conditions. So, you can't face any trouble while pursuing the trip or in the future. Therefore, before purchasing overseas travel insurance policy from an insurance company it is important to carefully read mentioned terms and conditions of exclusion.     

5) Extension premium has to be paid before actual extension is affected:Most of the people get confused whether they have to pay extra for extension request or not? To make it clear, those travelers who are willing to extend trip days. They have to pay the extension premium i.e amount comes within the terms and condition of overseas travel policy.

How to extend your Overseas Travel Insurance policy - ?

If you are on an international trip and required your policy to be extended. Just follow certain steps below and fulfill your need.     

Know when to apply:Always keep in mind when to file a travel insurance extension cover. As it is required to be made before the expiry of existing overseas travel insurance policy's coverage. For a safe side, it is good to carry out the process at least 7-10 days earlier.     

Request online:Because you carry internet connection everywhere along with you. Prefer requesting for extension of the overseas travel insurance online by accessing insurer's websites. As it is the most convenient mode of performing any task or transaction. Don't forget to fill the reason for the extension as well as if any claim or health issue in the form.     

Payment of Premium:After the details provided to the insurance company is satisfactory, the insured will be allowed to pay the additional premium calculated for the extended coverage period. And, it can be paid via debit, credit and net banking as well.     

Extended cover issuance:After all processing and premium payment is done a policy copy with the extended date will be issued to the insured and mailed to the concerned address. And, insured will get his/her extended trip coverage.

How to buy Overseas Travel Insurance online ?

-  Buying overseas travel insurance online is one of the convenient ways you can choose. Buying travel insurance online is easily accessible.     

-  The process of buying travel insurance online is easy -     

-  Select the trustable insurance company's website, click the travel insurance to visit the product page.     

-  There on the travel insurance page, you will get every detail about the products offering and benefits according to the policy terms and conditions.     

-  Then, click ''buy now'' button to get your policy done.     

-  The next page will open with basic requirement details to be filled that will lead to the quote generation by clicking the 'premium calculation' button.     

-  You will be offered with three travel insurance schemes i.e. Shri travel, Shri Travel Plus, and Shri Travel elite with various prices you can choose. Select any of the plans and go for buying.     

-  Then fill all the basic details required in the form for the process of buying overseas travel insurance and proceed to the next.     

-  Next, you will get the final calculated premium which you will have to pay at the payment gateway via debit, credit or net banking.

Keep in mind the eligibility and age -

While talking about the eligibility of international travel insurance policy, the retail travel policy provides worldwide coverage for India residents. Travel policy falls in various travel type categories i.e. Holiday, Leisure and Studies.     

The travel insurance premium depends on Age factors that you need to consider while buying travel insurance abroad. Your age is one of the significant factors that determine at various stages and the same while buying travel insurance policy. Enrolling your age is mandatory at the time of form filling, therefore always keep this in mind. And, for the purpose of premium to be charged the completed age of the person will be taken into consideration.     

For example: If a person is 40 years and 7 months old, then completed age would be 41 years. And, if a person is 40 years and 5 months old then it will be considered as 40 years only.     

Therefore, always keep these important things in mind while buying overseas travel insurance. There are several travelers across the world who doesn't know the worth of travel insurance. But, gradually they have understood the importance of buying travel insurance at the time trip planning.

How to file a claim for Overseas Travel Insurance ?

First and foremost thing is to read the entire policy PDF related documents of overseas travel insurance you are having. It is mandatory to read every single term and condition mentioned on paper. Nowadays every insurance company posts their terminologies online you can go through before buying overseas travel insurance policy. It would be quite useful and beneficial for you as an abroad traveler. Also, look for the exceptions that might apply to you as the beneficiary point. One more thing you should always consider while buying travel insurance is to mention each detail of yours clear and loud.     

It would be quite useful and beneficial for you as an abroad traveler. Also, look for the exceptions that might apply to you as the beneficiary point. One more thing you should always consider while buying travel insurance is to mention each detail of yours clear and loud.     

Keep in continuous touch with every notification coming from the assigned insurance company. Insurers today expect fast notification in order to give you maximum benefit. Therefore don't forget to provide an emergency contact number to the insurer.     

Collect and keep safe your receipts with proven monetary value. Keep the receipt safe of any purchased products, in case they are lost or stolen. As well as keep a record of purchased tickets, meals, and other expenses. And, try to use debit or credit card for transactions as it will be easier in saving records. These are some important steps you need to follow at the time of buying overseas travel insurance.     

You need to file a claim with all mandatory paperwork with your medical insurance provider, airlines or travel agencies. Make sure everything is properly dated.     

Abroad traveling can be fun only when it is secured and safe with Overseas travel insurance. Still, if you are facing trouble in buying overseas travel insurance or reluctant because of the budget if you feel it is costly. Just get over it because Shriram travel insurance plans never go out budget. You can buy it easily online without any fuss and issue. This is how you can make your journey happily exciting and hassle-free. Therefore, before you head towards your trip days, little planning will help you to make it even more reliable and convenient. Shriram travel insurance policy plans like Shri Travel, Shri Travel Plus, and Shri Travel Elite ensures you a safe trip by providing complete security. Let no unforeseen situation ruin your trip abroad as it must be insured with international travel insurance.
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