Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I buy / renew my motor insurance policy Online?

We understand your needs and get the best insurance products on to our site for you to review, choose and get covered. Buying an insurance policy for car and two wheeler online is easy, secure and fast. What's more? You also make savings on your car and two wheeler insurance when you buy online. Some other benefits are:

  •   Get up to 40% discount when you buy your insurance policy online.
  •   No paperwork is required to buy your insurance policy online.
  •   Multiple payment options via Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking.
  •   Highest levels of security.

2. For how long is my motor insurance policy valid?

Your motor insurance policy cover remains in force for 12 months from the date of commencement (or as otherwise shown on your policy schedule).

3. What if I have to make changes / endorsement in the policy?

An endorsement is a written evidence of an agreed change to your policy. It is a document that incorporates changes in the terms of the policy. Any changes or alterations that you need to make can be done by way of an endorsement. An endorsement may be issued at the time of issuing the policy to provide additional benefits and cover (e.g. legal liability to driver) or to impose restrictions (e.g. accidental damage deductible). The wordings of those endorsements are provided by the insurance company. An endorsement may also be i ssued subsequently to record changes such as change of address, change of name and change of car or two wheeler model

4. How long does the process take?

It is hardly a matter of 5 minutes. You fill in your details and we give a list of products that match your needs. You can pay over the internet using credit card, cheque or net banking.

5. Where can I get advice on insurance?

Get in touch with our insurance expertise at 1800-300-30000. Feel free to contact us. We will be very glad to serve you.

6. What are the modes of payment?

Multiple payment options via Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. As per comfort you can make the payments accordingly. We are also bringing in payment services through other means like Cash Cards, Mobile Payment solutions etc. for your convenience.

7. How secure is the transaction?

Our online monetary transactions are completely secure. We put great efforts to secure our clients information. We have tied up with best payment gateways in the business like HDFC payment gateway which use VeriSign SSL secure certificates.

8. What if at the time of accident my vehicle is being driven by some one else?

Liability follows the vehicle. So, the insurance on the vehicle will apply even in the case of it being driven by some other person with your permission and with a valid driving license.

9. What about cancellations or claims?

We can help you in case you would like to cancel the insurance cover you have purchased and claims. To know more about the claim assistance provided by us, please click on Claim Assistance. To cancel a policy you can either call 1800-300-30000 or visit the nearest branch.

10. What is a third party risk policy?

It is mandatory for every motor vehicle owner to get a third party insurance cover. It covers the vehicle owners against third party Risks as per Section 146 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988. The scope of cover of the third party insurance is to pay compensation for death due to bodily injuries to third parties and also damage caused to the property of the third party excluding damage of your vehicle.

11. Should I make small claims?

It sometimes makes sense not to make small claims. Ideally, whenever your car or two wheeler is damaged, get an estimate for the repairs. If the No Claim Bonus you stand to forfeit in the forthcoming year exceeds the estimate, it makes sense not to raise a claim and instead pay for the damage yourself.

12. What is our privacy policy?

Shriram is committed to protect the personal information provided by you and to ensure that you have a positive experience on our website. We protect your privacy according to our policy. To know more, please click on Privacy Policy.

IRCTC Travel Insurance FAQ

1. How I can update nomination details.

The option of filling up Nominee details enabled in IRCTC book history option. Please click “My transaction Booked Ticket history Shriram General Insurance”. Please fill nomination details in nomination form.

2. What is the sum insured/ limit of indemnity under the policy.

Sum insured or limit of indemnity under this policy is as follows:


Permanent total Disability

Permanent partial Disability

Hospitalization expenses for injury

Transportation of mortal remains

Rs. 10,00,000


Rs. 7,50,000


Rs. 10,000

3. when coverage under the policy will commence and when it will cease

Coverage will be valid from the actual departure of train from the originating station to actual arrival of train at the destination station including’ process of entraining ‘ and process of detraining ‘ the train. After arrival of train at destination, coverage will cease

4. If I am going from home to Railway station and met with an accident en route, pls advise, whether the accident is covered under the policy.

Accident during travelling from home to Railway Station or vice versa is not covered under this policy.

5. How can I get my policy documents / certificates.

You will receive the policy information through SMS and on registered email IDs directly from Shriram General Insurance Company along with the link for filling nomination details. Also policy number can be viewed from Ticket booked history at IRCTC Page.

6. I have lost my baggage during journey, pls advise if it is covered under the policy.

This policy is for personal accident only. Loss of baggage due to any reason is not covered under this policy.

7. what are the documents required for Accidental death claim.

Need to submit the duly filled claim form signed by nominee/legal heir along with the NEFT mandate details and cancelled cheque with the following documents:

  •   Report of the Railway Authority confirming the accident of the train or untoward incident
  •   Report of the Railway Authority carrying the details of the passengers declared dead.
  •   Duly Completed Personal Accident Claim Form signed by Nominee / Legal Heir along with the NEFT mandate details & cancelled cheque
  •   Photo identity proof of nominee
  •   For Death Claims, claim will be settled only to nominee declared at the time of buying insurance through IRCTC portal
  •   In absence of nominee, claim will be paid to Legal Heir only – as per Legal Heir / Succession Certificate

8. what are the documents required for Permanent Total Disability/ Permanent Partial disability claim.

Following documents are required

  •   Duly Completed Personal Accident Claim Form signed by insured / Nominee
  •   Report of the Railway Authority confirming the accident of the train or untoward incident
  •   Report of attending doctor confirming the extent of disability.
  •   Medical bills corresponding to doctor’s prescription.
  •   Attested copy of disability certificate from Civil Surgeon of that Hospital in which the treatment has undergone stating percentage of disability.
  •   Attested copy of FIR.
  •   All X-Ray / Investigation reports and films supporting to disablement.
  •   Claim form with NEFT details & cancelled cheque of the beneficiary
  •   Photograph before & after disability

9. what are the documents required for Accidental Hospitalization claim. Is hospitalization upon any accident is mandatory.

Following documents are required for accidental hospitalization.

  •   Report of the Railway Authority confirming the accident of the train or untoward incident
  •   Discharge summary
  •   Original Hospital Bills and medical bills corresponding to doctor’s prescription
  •   Advance and final receipts (All receipts shall be numbered, signed and stamped)
  •   Prescriptions for medicines
  •   Diagnostic Test Reports, X Ray, Scan, ECG and others including doctor’s advice demanding such tests)
  •   Cash memos/bills for medicines purchased from outside

10. What is minimum and maximum age limit for insurance.

This optional insurance will not be provided for the children below 5 years of age.

11. For accidental hospitalization, whether cashless facility is available.

As of now, there is no cashless facility available for accidental hospitalization.

12. For accidental hospitalization, whether there is any empanelment of hospitals

There is no any empanelment of hospital for accidental hospitalization however after treatment we will reimburse expenses as per policy terms.

13. If I cancel my ticket, whether insurance coverage will be continue or it will cease at the moment the ticket is cancelled.

Since this policy is attached with train ticket therefore after cancellation of ticket, there will not be any insurance and coverage will automatically cease.

14. I am having waiting list ticket and opted insurance. What will be the status of insurance in the event the ticket is not confirmed?

If ticket is not confirmed than insurance coverage will be lapsed.

15. I am having RAC ticket and not confirmed even after departure of the train. What will be the status of the insurance i.e., if coverage under the policy will continue or cease at the moment the train departs.

In case of RAC tickets, insurance coverage will be as per confirmed ticket passenger.