FAQS and Answers

What is POSP?

A Point Of Sales Person (POSP) is an individual regulated by IRDA who can represent an Insurance Company or an Insurance Intermediary.

Who can become a POSP?

Anyone willing to make money independently above the age of 18 with a minimum qualification of Secondary exam! Yes, it’s that simple.
In case you do not meet the qualification criteria you can refer someone from the family or friend to become a POS with us.

Is this a Multilevel Marketing platform?

No, this is not an MLM platform. POSPs are regulated by IRDA Guidelines.

What is the enrollment process?

The following documents are to be uploaded in the website for the processing of enrollment, They are :

IRDA-POSP form, Copy Of Pan card, Education proof (Min 10th), Passport Size Photograph, MSME Declaration Form(if not registered), GST Declaration(if not registered)

After completion of the above documentation, a training of 15 hours will be arranged online. An Admit card will be issued after successful completion of Training. A Training completion certificate(TCC) will be arranged by us. Model Syllabus of POSP is already mentioned in IRDA website. Further to that, an enrolment letter for POSP along with written agreement for POSP specifying terms and conditions as per IRDA rules will be generated. The information on enrolled POSP will be updated on IIB portal on daily basis. Don’t worry, the process will be taken care seamlessly by our team!

In case you do not have a pan card, you can refer someone from the family and friend to become a POS with us. Alternatively you can apply for a pan card by following the below mentioned link.

Does it require any investment?

A smartphone with internet connectivity and your time! And You are good to go..!

Is this a permanent employment?

Here, you are your own boss! Work from Home, Work Part-Time, Work Full Time…choice is yours! As a POSP you can sell various pre-underwritten products which will ensure an Unlimited and round the clock earning.

Can I have POSP agent code with various insurers?

One individual can only have one POSP code

Can I have a POSP code along with my existing profession?

Yes. Absolutely! Invest time as per your convenience.

How do I sell? Who can be my customers?

Almost everyone has a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler and Third Party insurance of vehicle is mandatory as per Law. So Practically everyone can become your customer! You just have to analyze the opportunities.

How do I receive my commission?

Your bank account will be linked with us. You will receive your commission monthly directly on your bank account.

How do I get my queries resolved? What do I do in case of a claim?

Don’t Worry! For any of your queries, just dial 1800-300-30000 or 1800-103-3009 (Toll Free), and our customer support executives will be with you. In case a claim is to be registered it can be done via website, mobile app or customer help desk! We understand the need of the hour and claims servicing has always been our top priority.



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Success Stories

Success story of professionals, house-wives, retired persons & students

Hi, this is Avinash from Jaipur.  I had initially been a financial advisor in terms of mutual funds, life insurance, selling home loans etc and had been doing pretty good. However, very soon I realized that my natural market is getting exhausted. It was then that the idea of getting into General Insurance struck, and being originated from Jaipur I thought Shriram General was the best choice, as Shriram GI is also headquartered in Jaipur.

And then began this amazing journey. I approached my previous clients and started selling Motor insurance, Householder Policy, Travel etc. and the best part was every year the policies were getting renewed through me.  My income has increased many folds and I have also been able to expand the base through my existing clientele.

I owe my new found success and enthusiasm to Shriram GI team. It was for the continuous training and the quick support that they provided, helped me to reach where I am today.

I have been with SGI since Oct 2017 and have cherished every moment of it.. 

Initially when I started off, all I wanted was a little extra money to support my personal needs, but now I earn more than what I imagined was possible and have been able to support my family in what we call are the” moments of truth” in life. I single handedly not only took care of the family expenses but also cleared our auto loan , few of our consumer loans and also contributed a major chunk to our child’s education in the years to come..I have travelled to many places while endorsing Shriram and have met many new people. Whether you are a homemaker like me or a student or a part time or a full time professional, the door to chase your dream awaits you and Shriram GI gives the right platform and recognition. Needless to say, I have had a terrific amount of personal and professional growth through periodic training on various products and the GI industry, most of which has been totally free of cost. 

From being only a homemaker to an independent and confident woman, this journey has been an incredible one. So if you are keen to give yourself a boost and change your life and the lives of the near and dear ones around you, don’t wait longer…. Come be a part of the Shriram GI group…

Let me begin by thanking Shriram General Insurance for the success and the recognition that I have received, the platforms that I have been provided with and the financial independence that one can only dream of at my age.

Back in 2018 when I was in freshman under-graduate, I joined Shriram GI. One of my relatives’, who is an employee of Shriram Transport finance, had suggested the idea to become an advisor through Shriram GI. However, my final goal was to join my father in his business of cement dealership.

Initially, I started with selling motor insurances to my family and friends and very soon I also started pitching householder insurance to all my existing customers. In no time, my customer base began increasing and I started getting references from my existing customers. I realized that anyone and everyone can be my customer as most people will have a house and a vehicle.

Shriram General has made the process seamless with the Mnova app -from login of a proposal to policy generation. I have been able to provide the best of services to my customers and have been able to keep a track on my businesses. To sum it up, I have now taken this up as my career because I realized that the flexibility and the platform that it has provided me are unique… And I can proudly say that I earn quiet a handsome amount of money compared too many of my peers. I can only see myself growing along with Shriram General Insurance.

Retired at the age of 58, after serving about 30 years with an automobile manufacturing company, I was in despair for quite some time as to how will I go about my daily life. The basic needs could be taken care of but I and my wife had a lifestyle to maintain. After working in the sales department of an automobile manufacturing, I had exposure to motor insurance and Shriram was the first name that came to me. As I had got my car insured from Shriram General Insurance and had a firsthand experience on the claims servicing. So without wasting much time in the year 2017 I got in touch with Shriram General Insurance and since then there has been no looking back. In a span of three years I have gathered a good customer base to whom I sell car insurance policies. Thanks to Shriram, not only is my lifestyle taken care of, but also I have been able to save up much more than what I had been doing before.

Let’s Become SGI POSP

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